'Chicago P.D.': LaRoyce Hawkins Hints Atwater Might Have a Love Interest Next Season

Chicago P.D. is the second series installment of NBC’s Chicago franchise. It began airing in 2014, expanding the world first established by the Chicago Fire TV show in 2012. The show follows the officers at Chicago’s fictitious 21st District, and stars actor Jason Beghe as Detective Sergeant Hank Voight; LaRoyce Hawkins as Officer Kevin Atwater, who takes on a leading role in season four; and Marina Squerciati as Officer Kim Burgess, and others. The show’s eighth season aired its finale on May 26, 2021, and rumors are already swirling about Atwater’s storyline — and especially his love life — in season nine.

Atwater’s storylines have grown increasingly dark in recent episodes

Hawkins first appeared as Officer Atwater in Chicago Fire, where he had a small recurring role. When NBC created the Chicago P.D. spinoff, Hawkins continued playing Atwater and was upgraded to a principal character. According to IMDb, this was Hawkins’ first major television role.

Over the seasons, Atwater’s storyline has embraced modern, real-life events like the coronavirus (COVID-19). More recently, Atwater’s storyline has taken a darker turn as Chicago P.D. tackled the ongoing social crisis surrounding police brutality and racism. Recently, Chicago P.D. started “covering the Black Lives Matter movement,” reports US Weekly. “After Atwater chose to do the right thing — and in turn, stand up against the Blue wall — the police force turned against him.”

Rick Eid, Chicago P.D.‘s showrunner, was interviewed by the magazine: in advance of season eight airing and said: “[In season eight], we’ll see that it’s hard to be both a proud, principled Black man and a results-oriented, tough cop,. […] It’s always been difficult to be a Black cop in Chicago. In 2020, it got even harder.” The show tackled that topic head-on. Unfortunately for Atwater, he had to navigate this difficult situation without a girlfriend, wife or partner to support him.

Atwater’s main love interest is incarcerated

During the show’s seventh season, Atwater develops a flirtatious relationship with Officer Vanessa Rojas (Lisseth Chavez). However, the actor decided to leave the show and didn’t return for season eight, killing the potential for what some fans hoped would be a new love life for Atwater. And that wasn’t the only time that Atwater struck out in his love life.

“Atwater’s love life on Chicago P.D. has been tragic, to say the least,” explains TV Line. “He’s only had one real romantic interest over the course of the NBC drama’s eight seasons so far, and that did not end well.” That love interest was a woman named Laila (Milauna Jemai Jackson), who got caught up in a murder case and put in prison, in part due to some of Atwater’s choices when he was working undercover.

“Their chemistry was off the charts,” notes the outlet, but Laila felt betrayed and was last seen “verbally berating Atwater before heading off to jail, closing the book on their romance.” He’s been single since that episode, which took place back in Chicago P.D.‘s sixth season.

Hawkins hopes his character has a happier life in season nine of ‘Chicago P.D.’

It’s been a rough journey for Atwater, and Hawkins hopes his character gets a break in the next season of Chicago P.D. the actor especially hopes that Atwater gets another chance at finding love.

“I know he’s definitely done his best,” Hawkins told TV Line after the season eight finale aired. “He’s going to put the same passion, energy, and enthusiasm into how he navigates romance if he’s given an opportunity. I’m looking forward to it if that’s what’s coming because I do think that balance is necessary, especially for this character at this point. I think it’s been long enough, and we want to see how he gets through it.”

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