Chloe Ferry offers smashed-up furniture to fans for FREE – but you have to collect it from her in person

CHLOE Ferry is offloading her cracked furniture to fans ahead of her big house move.

The Geordie Shore star is keen for a fresh start in her stunning new pad andwants to get rid of her old damaged items.

The only catch is fans wanting the freebies need to pick them up in person before Sunday.

Chloe shared pictures of the stylish mirrored table in her lounge, which is still pride of place despite its defects.

She also revealed she'll be moving into her new pad in 10 days' time.

Chloe splashed out £1.1million on her new home in the north east.

It features a games room, massive kitchen and living room, and a large garden.

A central staircase dominates the entrance, with a skylight ensuring the area is bright at all times.

There are multiple free-standing bathtubs and a walk-in shower, while the minimalist finish allows scope for Chloe to put her stamp on the place.

The 25-year-old moved into the three-bedroom home in February last year after splitting from her ex Sam Gowland.

Over the past year, the beauty has renovated the space to make it picture perfect.

And the buyer of her Newcastle pad will reap the rewards as it boasts a cinema room, lavish kitchen and a hot tub.

The jaw-dropping bathroom, sleek kitchen and master bedroom are all decorated top to bottom in grey and white marble.

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