Chris Evans backs Eddie Izzard as he runs a staggering 28 marathons in 28 days for charity – The Sun

CHRIS Evans has backed Eddie Izzard as he sets to run a staggering 28 maratons in 28 days for charity.

The 58-year-old comic took part in the 27th run today in Dublin, with the last marathon in Paris tomorrow.

Phoning into The Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show with Sky earlier today, Eddie revealed that he set himself the exhausting challenge in a bid to unite the nation.

He told the DJ: "Basically, there's been a lot of separation in our country in the world division.

"I thought let's think unity, let's flip that round, make humanitarian great again. A slogan that is reminiscent of another slogan you might have heard.

"But I'm running 28 marathons in 28 days.

"I'm going to try and raise about £100k, I'm at around about £82k right now."

He continued: "I think we could reach this total and there is only two days to go.

"There's a marathon here in Dublin today, just arrived. And then in Paris tomorrow."

Chris, 53, mentioned that this isn't the first time Eddie has set himself an ambitious challenge, with Eddie clarifying: "Well, it was 43 in the U.K., but I took a day off a week.

"This is the longest I've run continuously, even South Africa when I did 27 I only did 21 in a row as I was in hospital.

"But this is now nearly 27 without a day off, which is kind of knackering."

Detailing how running 26.2 miles a day for almost a month has impacted him, he added: "You just have to keep going and eat food and sleep and get up.

"We got up at 3am this morning, we're driving and I run and then have to go off again. So it is it is exhausting.

"I'm not a brilliant runner either. If you have ever seen my run, I'm a sort of a bag of potatoes with a mission."

Since the interview aired this morning, Eddie's Crowdfunder page has seen a surge in donations, and he has so far raised almost £93k out of the £100k target, with the money going to charities that "support cultural exchange, learning and understanding and promoting common humanity across Europe and the world, this includes Unicef's work with children and child refugees."

Chris is also a keen marathon runner, and has completed the London Marathon five times in the past.

His best time so far is four hours and 41 minutes, which he achieved in the 2017 race.

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