Coronation Street fans left shocked at Summer Spellman actress Harriet Bibby’s real age – but did you guess correctly?

CORONATION Street fans have been left shocked at Summer Spellman actress Harriet Bibby's real age.

The soap star revealed how old she was during a chat on Lorraine yesterday morning.

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Harriet's character Summer has had it tough for a few weeks as she's lost her appetite, has been suffering from extreme fatigue and had a number of collapses.

After being rushed to hospital last week it was revealed that the 16-year-old has Type 1 diabetes.

The actress, who went on the talk show to raise awareness of the condition, left viewers gobsmacked when she admitted she's seven years older than her alter-ego.

Lorraine asked: "What age are you in real life?" to which Harriet replied: "I'm 23."

"You look younger and that's great," the host added.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to share their amazement at how young she looks.

One wrote: "23! I'm still like #lorraine."

A second said: "23??? I was thinking 13 #lorraine."

A third added: "23 #lorraine" and a gif of Mr Bean dropping a glass in shock.

After refusing to eat, becoming forgetful at school and going to the toilet more frequently, Summer decided to call the doctors.

However vicar Billy Mayhew and boyfriend Todd Grimshaw thought that the reason behind her behaviour was because of an eating disorder and became increasingly worried about her.

It soon came to light that she has diabetes after she collapsed again as doctors did further tests on her.

Speaking out about her character, Harriet told Lorraine: "She's actually quite a sensible girl and she's quite mature with the way she's been raised by Billy.

"She's probably more sensible than I am! So I don't find it too much of a stretch to play her."

Harriet joined the Cobbles in November 2020 after replacing actress Matilda Freeman, who played Summer from 2017.

The star has roles in Sky One's Brassic and BBC medical drama Doctors, but has also worked as a singing teacher.

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