Coronation Street filming halted over Fiz and Tyrone Dobbs blunder

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Coronation Street’s iconic couple Fiz (played by Jennie McAlpine) and Tyrone (Alan Halsall) have been together on and off for over 21 years. Despite seeing other people and having time apart, the pair always seem to gravitate back together. In recent scenes, the pair got engaged and are set to have a festive wedding during the Christmas special.

However, actors Jennie and Alan recently touched on the upcoming storyline and revealed the moment they had to stop filming due to laughing too much.

In upcoming scenes, Tyrone decides he is going to plan their wedding as a surprise for Fiz after she expressed she doesn’t want a big ceremony.

He enlists the help of his daughters Hope Stape (Isabelle Flanagan) and Ruby Dobbs (Macy Alabi).

Throughout his planning, Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) and Beth Sunderland (Lisa George) somehow find their way to help Tyrone.

On Christmas morning, Fiz is excited to have their first Christmas back as a proper family filled with festive fun.

She plans a big Christmas dinner and has all the presents ready for Tyrone and the kids, however, is let down when Tyrone suggests getting a takeaway.

Touching on the upcoming scenes, Jenny and Alan admitted they had trouble filming one particular scene.

Speaking to, Jenny explained: “She is super excited, obviously no idea that this wedding is being planned so she is planning the perfect Christmas.

“First Christmas back as a family unit, and she just wants the perfect Christmas that you see in those adverts and supermarkets.

“She’s planning it, then he says ‘Maybe we won’t have Christmas dinner, why don’t we just get a pizza, loads of people are getting takeaways nowadays.’

“So that is not good, then she gets him a really special present which she thought really carefully about and he gets her a…”

Laughing at the story, she continued: “It’s not about the money, it’s not about the material gain, but you know it’s the thought that counts, well there is literally no thought in the present that he gives her.”

Alan giggled at Jenny’s explanation of the scene and added: “This is one of them moments when we get the script, and I read the script on what Tyrone gives to Fiz on Christmas day.

“I must admit, I burst out laughing, then we tried to film it and we burst out laughing again, it is horrendous, it’s a terrible present.”

Jenny added: “So everything she is planning he is saying the opposite of.”

When their engagement scenes finally aired, fans were left overjoyed that this may finally be their happy ending.

Taking to their Twitter account, @BizzelBlazing exclaimed: “PLEASE say this is the third time lucky for these two!”

Simon Mayners said: “Fiz and Tyrone engagement – let’s hope they finally get down the aisle this time.”

@AllyAyers commented: “Can they please get married this time, please? I am fed up with these two on and off again!”

@Killer_PONS87769 added: “AN ENGAGEMENT! Wasn’t the best proposal but fingers crossed that they manage to get married this time!” (sic)

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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