Coronation Street heartache as Daisy Midgeleys scheme to force Johnny away turns tragic?

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Jenny (played by Sally Ann Matthews) and husband Johnny (Richard Hawley) have separated recently, with Jenny’s stepdaughter Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) encouraging the Coronation Street split. They’ve remained friends but Daisy has always pushed Jenny to move on from Johnny, and wants him out of the picture for good. Newbie Leo (Joe Frost) has recently come into the picture, and Jenny believes the young man has his eye on Daisy. When he makes it clear next week though that he’s interested in Jenny, could it emerge that Daisy is behind the set-up, which ends in tragedy?

In upcoming episodes of the ITV soap, Leo calls at the Rovers with a bunch of flowers.

As he approaches the bar, he overhears Jenny telling Daisy that she’s enjoying her freedom and doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

Daisy admires Leo’s flowers and wonders whether she should give him a chance.

However, the barmaid discovers a card which came with the flowers, and points out that they were in fact meant for Jenny not her and Leo obviously fancies her.

Jenny is flattered when Leo later invites her out for a drink, and meanwhile a disappointed Johnny tells Carla Connor (Alison King) he feels his life has lost its purpose.

She cheers him up when she offers him a consultancy job at the factory, which he accepts happily.

As Johnny chats to an old business contact with Carla at the Bistro, he is shocked to see a glammed up Jenny walk in with Leo.

Leo flirts with Jenny, telling her finds her much more attractive than Daisy.

Afterwards, Johnny calls at the Rovers hoping to have a drink with Jenny, only to find her with Leo once again.

The next day, after spending the night with Jenny, a loved up Leo sets off to work.

Beth Tinker (Lisa George) watches on, intrigued by the relationship.

In the factory, Johnny overhears Beth talking about him to Carla. She says he is past it and not up to the job.

Johnny leaves and is later found by Carla in the Rovers, nursing a pint.

He tells her that Beth’s right, she doesn’t need his help to run the factory and it’s time he set off for pastures new.

But could this all be a part of one of Daisy’s schemes to get rid of Johnny?


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Leo turned up in the Rovers and has since been intrigued by Jenny, but behind the scenes, Daisy could have talked him into giving Jenny a chance so she can see what else is out there for her besides Johnny.

With Leo and Jenny starting to go on more dates, her plan seems like it could work.

However, both Jenny and Johnny are set to be impacted by the upcoming sinkhole tragedy, which they get caught up in thanks to Leo.

Official spoilers reveal that Jenny is enjoying her new relationship with toyboy Leo, but is stunned to learn that Johnny is planning to leave Weatherfield.

Keen to speak to Johnny, she is distracted by her worries about Leo’s safety.

As she sets off to try to find her toyboy in the pouring rain, the ground opens up beneath her.

A desperate Johnny is determined to save her though, and edges ever near the giant sinkhole.

Could Daisy’s meddling have led to disastrous consequences for the couple?

It may emerge that Jenny paid Leo to distract Jenny while a heartbroken Johnny fled the cobbles.

But Leo may have had a change of heart and felt guilty, which could be why Jenny couldn’t find him on the upcoming, fateful night.

How will Daisy react when she finds out Jenny is in serious danger?

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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