Coronation Street spoilers: New owner of the Rovers confirmed after shock betrayal

THE new owner of the Rovers Return is revealed next week following a shock betrayal. 

Johnny Connor flogged the pub after his shock split with Jenny back in May.

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Viewers know that Jenny and Daisy have set their sights on buying the Rovers together.

And in scenes set to air next week, Jenny heads into town to sort out the mortgage.

Meanwhile, Daisy rejigs the rota and gives herself all of Sean’s shifts as revenge for throwing Double Glammy, her main source of income, under the bus.

Emma points out that Sean has taken the hotpot recipe with him and insists she’s not lifting a finger until he’s brought back. 

Meanwhile, Jenny stumbles upon the Double Glammy article in the Gazette.

She is furious to discover that Daisy has stripped Sean of his shifts and that Emma has staged a walk-out.

She orders Daisy to reinstate Sean, before announcing that she’s been looking into her finances and is going to buy the pub herself outright. 

Fans are convinced that Sharon will buy the pub as revenge against Jenny after she exposed her connection to drug dealer Harvey. 

Sharon is set to turn against Harvey in court this week and expose his evil nature. 

But will she forgive Jenny for her meddling?

This week, Sean will ask Daniel to write an exposé article about the dodgy pyramid selling scheme Double Glammy, which Daisy is also involved with.

Sean was lured into the scheme several months ago, but has become disillusioned with it after realising it has destroyed his friend Carol’s life. 

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