Corrie writers defend Geoff abuse plot and explain why they chose Yasmeen

The Coronation Street writers have defended Yasmeen Nazir's coercive control storyline.

The traumatic abuse plot has sparked floods of Ofcom complaints as evil Geoff Metcalfe continues his campaign of abuse against his wife.

Some Corrie viewers have been forced to switch off uncomfortable scenes – but the writers have explained why they are necessary after Geoff's latest horrific act.

The twisted pensioner stooped to a horrifying new low by killing Yasmeen Nazir's beloved pet chicken in a fit of rage – then tricked her into eating Charlotte Brontë.

Actress Shelley King, who has received many message from real-life victims, explained how Geoff is able to hide his behaviour.

She said: "People ask why doesn't she recognise Geoff's evil nature. You can look at it in many ways. She says he's vulnerable, she's fragile. Many, many reasons and I see these reasons from people who have written to me in similar circumstances."

Amy Coombs, Senior Storyliner, said that they wanted to highlight that domestic abuse doesn't have to be physical – and psychological abuse can be just as damaging.

Amy explained that perpetrators are good at manipulating their victim and the world outside through gas lighting and a sense of isolation.

She said: "I think a lot of people understandably have said at times it can be uncomfortable to watch. I think the people in it existing in these situations, it can so debilitating, so it is important to give it time to breathe."

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Lindsay Williams, Story Producer, revealed they approached charities likes Women's Aid and local Manchester charity Independent Choices to get insights into timelines of abuse and behaviours.

On why they chose Yasmeen, she explained: "We wanted to do it with somebody like Yasmeen. On the one hand she's got a lot going for her. She's got her own business, she's quite intelligent.

"On the other she's actually quite vulnerable in a way, having had one relationship in her life. She was married and thought she'd be with him forever. She was quite damaged by the end of that.

"In some ways we thought she was a person who would be targeted by a perpetrator like Geoff."

Shelley pointed out that Yasmeen had lost her son, her husband had ran off with a mutual friend and her grandson was gone.

She praised the production team, directors and writers for handling the storyline with "immense sensitivity".

Shelley added: "There are people out there now suffering who haven't come through it and I will believe they will get help because of it. I urge everybody watching this to call people and seek help as there is help out there."

Coronation Street viewers took to Twitter to praise the soap for highlighting this important issue.

"It’s hard to watch but it’s harder to live with. If one single person is educated about the damage that coercive control & psychological abuse can have then this has been worth it," said one viewer.

Another added: "This is storyline is difficult to watch but if it helps just one person to break free from such a relationship it will be worth it"

"As a fan, I’m just utterly proud of everyone involved in this important storyline," said a third.

A fourth agree: "Ian is doing such a fantastic job. You can always tell when an actor is good because you hate the villain. Shelley is incredible. Her portrayal of Yasmeen, suffering with him and trying to get on with life is harrowing. Both doing such a fantastic job, portraying this so well."

Geoff plated up a roast chicken and let Yasmeen start complimenting the meat before dropping a devastating bombshell.

Revelling in her misery, Geoff said: "Good, I thought she might be a bit dry being an older bird. Well at least she’s fed us one last time. I'd like to raise a toast to Charlotte."

Horrified Yasmeen immediately spat out her food and rushed off to be sick.

She screamed: "You killed her. You killed Charlotte Brontë and you made me eat here."

Pretending he didn't see what the problem was, Geoff joked Charlotte had hit the "chicken menopause" and claimed his wife was overreacting.

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