Couple transform their garden to add in dream 18ft long roller skating ramp

What would your perfect garden include?

Perhaps you’re partial to a zen garden, or a peaceful water feature. Maybe you want your outdoor space to look just like the Love Island villa.

For Jodie Powell, 29, and Ash Matkin, 33, it was an 18ft roller skating ramp that they counted as a must-have.

So they decided to build their own, spending just £7,000 to completely transform their garden.

The couple knew straight away that their simple flower bed could be a great spot for their own ramp, but it was the arrival of lockdown that spurred them to take action.

They went about crafting their own ramp in their free time after work, then gave the rest of the space a makeover by shifting 20 tonnes of dirt and rock to create three levels, with a wild meadow section and a lawn area with views of the countryside.

There’s still work to be done, but Jodie and Ash are so happy with the results of their DIY work so far.

While the semi-detached home in Belper, Derbyshire, looks plain from the front, it’s hiding a skater’s paradise in the back.

Jodie said: ‘It’s a dream set up, we basically wanted a project for the garden when we bought the house at the end of February.

‘The previous owners said they’d not done anything to the garden and for us, that was great because we loved the idea of working on it and instantly thought a ramp would be awesome in there.

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‘Obviously as well when lockdown came in we weren’t allowed to go to the skatepark anymore, which was around the time I’d fallen in love with ramp skating. So, we just thought why don’t we built our own?’

While not without its difficulties – materials had to be carried up a ladder to the garden due to it being on a mid-level – Ash’s experience as a landscaper proved invaluable, along with the help of friends who chipped in to help.

But for the couple, all the hard work has paid off now they can practice at home.

Jodie said: ‘It’s quite intimidating, especially when it’s busy and being a nearly 30-year adult, doing something that can result in falling over a lot, it’s so nice not to have that anxiety and do it in the comfort of my own home.

‘The fact that it’s wooden and not a concrete ramp as well means it’s a lot easier when you fall.

‘It’s also great for garden and parties when people can come over.’

Having their own ramp is great news for Jodie in particular, as she’s working on getting her skating confidence back up after breaking her leg after a slip indoors.

She said: ‘It was scary to go back on skates knowing you’ve had an injury, but having the ramp there made me really miss it and I wanted to progress.

‘During the lockdown, there was a huge surge in roller skating and because of that there was a shortage of skates, so with this and seeing the ramp I was super desperate to get back out on it again.’

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