Death in Paradises Ben Miller speaks out on return as Richard Poole in BBC spin-off

Bridgerton: Ben Miller on potential 'return' for character

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Ben Miller became a fan-favourite on Death in Paradise where he played DI Richard Poole. However, BBC fans were left disappointed when the detective got killed off at the beginning of season three. The detective was murdered with an ice pick during a university reunion, and it was up to his predecessor DI Humphrey Goodman (played by Kris Marshall) to solve it.

Despite being killed off, Ben did make a return to the BBC drama in a one-off special for its 10th anniversary.

Camille Bordey (played by Sara Martins) also made a brief return to the island after her mum Catherine Bordey (Elizabeth Bourgine) was attacked.

It has since been revealed that Kris Marshall is making a return as Humphrey Goodman in a new BBC spin-off called Beyond Paradise.

The detective initially left the series to pursue his love interest Martha (Sally Bretton) who had moved back to London.

However, the spin-off will explore Humphrey and Martha’s love story and what happened after they left Saint Marie.

It has not been revealed who else will be joining the pair in the cast, but Ben Miller has admitted he would love to be part of it.

When asked about featuring in Beyond Paradise, Ben explained: “God, I’d love to. Is [Kris] really? That’s so exciting, that’s brilliant news!

“I’d love to, I mean it’s Kris – don’t forget your mates.”

He added to Hello!: “It’s exciting, really great, I wonder how that’s going to work?

“Is he going to be on another Caribbean island? I look forward to that, that’s really brilliant news.”

BritBox Chief Creative Officer Diederick Santer described the spin-off as a “no brainer” before adding: “Familiarity is key.

“That comes with well-known IP, spin-offs, talent and location. This is so important and really cuts through.

“We want to challenge producers a bit,” he added. “If you say you want too much crime and mystery, it’s too formal.”

The show, Beyond Paradise, will air on BBC One in the UK and Britbox International in selected countries.

The synopsis for the spin-off has teased fans with what they can expect between Martha and Humphrey.

It read: “One of the show’s most popular characters, the endearingly awkward and rather unconventional DI Humphrey Goodman, led the island’s police team in solving the most mysterious of murders.

“However, when Humphrey fell hopelessly in love with island tourist Martha Lloyd, he decided to leave the sun-soaked paradise to follow her back to the colder climes of the United Kingdom.

“Seeking a quieter life away from the stress of the city, Humphrey has taken a job as Detective Inspector in fiancée Martha’s hometown.

“However, they soon find that country life is anything but peaceful, and Humphrey can’t help but be distracted by the town’s surprisingly high crime rate with a new, and a very different, case challenging him each week.”

Speaking about reprising his role, Kris added: “I had the best time playing Humphrey out in Guadeloupe, and whilst I was delighted that he got his happy ending with Martha, I always wanted to know what happened next. So it’s a joy to be putting his crumpled jacket back on and seeing how life has panned out for him back in the UK.”

Death in Paradise is available to watch on BBC iPlayer and BritBox.

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