Desperate Stephen debates killing Audrey in new Corrie spoiler video

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Just when we thought Stephen (Todd Boyce) couldn’t get any worse, a new Coronation Street spoiler video has been released which shows him plotting to kill his own mother!

With Audrey (Sue Nicholls) set to go away on a cruise with Sam (Jude Riordan) that he can’t afford to pay for and his lies slowly catching up with him, time is running out for Stephen.

He is desperate to find an excuse to cancel the cruise and cover up the missing money.

When he gets his hands on Audrey’s anti-depressants, a sadistic idea occurs to him.

It seems as though he is about to crush up the drugs and put them into her drink!

However, at the last minute, he appears to get cold feet.

Will he really go through with spiking his own mum, and could it have disastrous consequences?

Actor Todd explained why Stephen goes to such extreme lengths.

‘He is still having to pay for the cruise for Sam and Audrey and he needs to stop it somehow so he thinks if he can sow the seed of it not being a good idea for Sam to go on a cruise being looked after by his elderly grandma maybe that is the way around it.

‘So he thinks if he can make it look like she is still having a problem with drink that could solve it.

‘He is in the pub and Nick is there, Stephen gets his mum a double gin and he plans to spike it too. This is the new norm for him, anything to protect himself. But has he really got what it takes to go through with it?’

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