Dog The Bounty Hunter refuses to cancel upcoming shows amid coronavirus pandemic

Dog The Bounty Hunter has refused to cancel his upcoming shows amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The TV icon – whose real name is Duane Chapman – took to social media to reassure his followers and fans that nothing will be changing despite the outbreak being declared a 'global pandemic'.

Taking to Instagram, the 67-year-old explained that he's more than excited to visit the UK in autumn to do meet and greets with his loyal fans.

The star also admitted that he will continue to promote his upcoming shows which are set to explode across our TV screens later this year.

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Dog is set to head for Scotland in October for his first ever appearance in the country, and the ongoing coronavirus outbreak doesn't appear to be worrying him in the slightest as the upcoming event will be months and months away.

Despite the fact that he himself didn't seem to worried about, the reality star did make sure to urge fans to keep safe and stay indoors.

The star used his platform to encourage his followers to abide by the COVID -19 guidelines in order to try and stop the spread of the highly contagious sickness.

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Taking to his Instagram stories, the controversial star wrote : "Stay at home, #dontbeaspreader," he wrote.

"Stay home if you can" the post continued.

Earlier today it was reported that America is preparing for a possible lockdown as cities and states nationwide start to impose curfews.

The changes come as President Donald Trump urged people to avoid eating at bars, and be around groups of 10 or more.

Trump also insisted that civilians avoid any unnecessary travel and going to school amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Dog's request comes after the reality TV announced that he's back home safe and sound in Hawaii.

The proud dad shared a snap of himself reunited with his daughters Lyssa and Cecily.

It’s Duane’s first trip back to Hawaii since his beloved wife Beth died last June after an 18-month battle with lung cancer.

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