‘Double Shot at Love’: Are Nikki Hall and Derryn Paige Friends?

After Pauly DelVecchio expressed his feelings for Nikki Hall, Derryn Paige had a lot to say about it. The two Double Shot at Love stars got into a squabble on Twitter, leaving many fans wondering — are Hall and Paige still friendly with one another?

Derryn Paige and Nikki Hall were against one another in ‘Double Shot at Love’ Season 1

Throughout season 1 of Double Shot at Love, Paige and Hall were fierce competitors vying for DelVecchio’s heart. 

Regardless of his previous hookups on Jersey Shore, DelVecchio has been perpetually single for a long time. When MTV presented him with the opportunity to find love living in a house with 20 single women, he couldn’t pass it up. 

Throughout the first season, it was clear DelVecchio was closest with Paige and Hall. By the finale episode, they were DelVecchio’s final two girls. 

After letting Piage go, DelVecchio threw viewers a curveball. Much to the surprise of fans and Hall, DelVecchio decided to “roll solo.” 

Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall had a falling out on Twitter 

Having had her heart broken on national television, Hall was understandably upset with DelVecchio. In an attempt to reveal what really happened between the two off camera, she shared screenshots of their text conversations on Twitter. 

“This is completely outside of my character but for someone to sit there and act like this sh*t was one-sided… ” she wrote (via The Blast). “I did nothing to this man but love him and he was OK with it. And I’m crazy? Give me a f*cking break! I’ve had it!!”

In one of the texts, DelVecchio told Hall he loved her and allegedly said he would “dig two holes in the desert” — one for Hall and one for someone else, should she choose to look at another man. DelVecchio also allegedly asked Hall to give him “a real shot.”

Now, it seems like the two are giving their relationship a second chance.

Pauly DelVecchio told Maria Elizondo to tell Nikki Hall he loves her 

During the “Oh My God, What Did Pauly Say to Her?” episode, DelVecchio and Hall had a conversation about taking their relationship slow. 

In the episode that followed, the duo were on an entirely different path. 

After DelVecchio’s DJ set at Liv in Miami, he was feeling all kinds of good vibes. Riding his “natural high,” DelVecchio admitted that he loved Hall — but instead of telling her directly, he asked Vinny Guadagnino’s ex-girlfriend, Maria Elizondo, to tell Hall for him. 

Hall didn’t seem to care who told her the news — all that mattered was that DelVecchio expressed his feelings. On the other hand, Paige felt Hall was foolish for diving back into a fast-paced relationship.

Derryn Paige and Nikki Hall got into it on Twitter

While “The L-Word” was airing, Paige and Hall were both extremely active on social media. 

“F*ck you Deryn f*ck you,” Hall tweeted during the episode. Many fans assumed Hall’s tweet had something to do with Paige’s thoughts on Hall and DelVecchio’s relationship. 

“Derynn ****,” Paige replied to Hall’s tweet, correcting her on her name’s spelling. “Dexter for all I give a f*ck,” Hall replied. Paige concluded the argument by tweeting: “Did you forget we’re making a TV show? LOL.”

Leading up until that point, Paige and Hall seemed to have put their past behind them. In season 1, the two were mortal enemies, but with season 2, all of the ex-girlfriends were in the same boat — living and working In Las Vegas to earn a full-time role at Drai’s. 

Now, fans are unsure of where Hall and Paige’s relationship stands. 

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