EastEnders’ dramatic new trailer shows blood-drenched Whitney Dean screaming in prison – The Sun

A DRAMATIC EastEnders trailer shows blood-drenched Whitney Dean screaming in prison as she shouts: "Nothing is going to change what I did."

It's unclear why she's covered in blood as she appears to break down behind bars.

The market trader is facing prison-time for killing her stalker ex Leo King.

She handed herself in claiming self-defence, but cops are closing in on her.

In the short clip, Whitney's solicitor Gray Atkins is heard telling Kat Slater: "If Kush changes his plea it gives me a fighting chance of stopping Whitney going down for murder."

He has been accused of shoving Leo from the Prince Albert balcony last month after reaching the end of his tether when Leo refused to stop stalking Whitney.

With Leo now dead, Kush is determined to plead not guilty.

But Kush is urged to plead guilty so that his solicitor doesn't lose the case by fighting it and ultimately save Whitney.

Viewers were stunned this month when Leo popped up in Whitney’s room holding a knife after spying on her from the attic.

A scuffle ensued and as Leo dragged Whitney to the ground, he ended up falling on his knife.

Official spoilers have revealed that the pressure of the job is set to get to Gray, leading him to lash out at Chantelle and threaten to drop Whitney's case.

Meanwhile at the end of the trailer, Keegan Baker is seen being thrown to the ground by police.

He's been battling racial discrimination from the force over recent weeks but ends up getting arrested in upcoming scenes.

Hie wife Tiffany sees him pushed to the ground and cuffed as she shouts: "Get your hands off my husband."

It's been a difficult few weeks for the Albert Square residents who have been left shocked by the death of Sharon Mitchell's son Dennis who drowned in the River Thames.

And in a tragic twist she was giving birth to her second child at the same time.

She had been busy making plans for the three of them to leave Walford together for a new life.

But Ian Beale had locked Dennis in a room on the boat to teach him a lesson for having his son Bobby attacked.

When the boat crashed, Ian tried to save him – but it was too late.

Ian has kept his deadly secret to himself, with everyone on Albert Square believing he was a hero for trying to save Denny.

In scenes set to air later this year, Sharon will discover the truth of what happened that night.

Right now she's unaware and blaming herself as she struggles to cope as a new mum and is too grief-stricken to bond with her newborn Kayden.

In last night's emotional episode Sharon was seen planning to take her own life before she thought twice when Ian rushed in trying to stop her.

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