EastEnders spoilers: Chantelle Atkins may be forced to flee after Gray’s harrowing attack

Viewers have watched in horror over the last few months as EastEnders’ Gray Atkins (played by Toby Alexander Smith) has subjected his wife Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) to not just emotional and psychological abuse but physical too. He recently broke the mother of his children’s wrist, but in upcoming scenes, Chantelle will be brutally attacked when Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) starts getting suspicious of his son-in-law’s behaviour.

Mitch has been growing suspicious of Gray’s behaviour recently but all is not as it seems. 

When Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) was arrested for the murder of Leo King (Tom Wells), Chantelle told Gray to take the case. 

He was resentful but accepted the case and the pressure has been building since he started doubting Whitney’s story.

Chantelle has been sure Gray’s behaviour has been improving but as his case pushes him to the edge, her husband will turn on her once more.


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In upcoming scenes, when at the pub with Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), Issac Baptiste (Stevie Basaula) and Patrick Truman (Rudolph Walker), Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) will drop a bombshell. 

Jack will tell Mitch he saw Gray going into a hotel leading Chantelle’s father to believe his son-in-law is having an affair. 

Little does he know that behind closed doors, Gray’s abusive side is worsening and his daughter could be in deadly danger. 

When he tells Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) of his fears about the affair she will dismiss the claims but this won’t stop Mitch from trying to find the truth. 

Mitch will call Gray’s law firm only to find out he has been suspended but he has continued to represent Whitney, ramping up his sinister behaviours. 

When Mitch finally confronts his son-in-law, Gray will be led to believe Chantelle has been talking about him behind his back. 

In a moment of pure rage, Gray will lash out at Chantelle leaving her injured – is this the final straw and will she finally be forced from the Square? 

Later at the pub, as Chantelle stays at home recovering, it will quickly become clear Chantelle hadn’t said anything at all.

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But it could be too late and Chantelle might not be there when Gray returns from the pub. 

It seems Gray isn’t planning on changing anytime soon but he could look for a new victim if his wife suddenly disappears. 

Can he ever change and will he ever be thrown in jail for his continuing domestic abuse? 

Viewers are now calling for EastEnders writers to find an end to the storyline after months of watching Chantelle being abused.


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One viewer tweeted: “Chantelle needs to be free from Gray and soon. People should know what a manipulative violent excuse of a human being he is.”

Another added: “Can’t believe gray is gonna beat up Chantelle again this is so heartbreaking hope she leaves him  bit safe for her and the kids it’s so hard to watch but such an important storyline breaks my heart to think things like this are  happening in real life #eastenders

“Scares me every time there’s a scene where gray and chantelle are on their own,” explained a third.

Someone else continued: “Gray is going to take this pressure out on his wife and his children. The Gray/Chantelle storyline is about to take a dark turn…  #EastEnders.”

EastEnders continues on BBC One tonight at 7.30pm.

f you or someone has been affected by the storyline or need advice regarding domestic abuse you can call 0808 2000 247 or click here for more information – The 24 hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline

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