EastEnders’ Suki Panesar confronted over cancer lie by grieving Jean Slater

EastEnders airs the moment Suki Panesar comes under question next week – but it isn't just Jean Slater who wants answers.

The Panesar siblings are left with suspicions of their own about their mum's illness, after she recently told them she'd been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Suki has been asking Jean about her symptoms and treatment amid her own battle with the same cancer, while Jean has now been given the all clear.

Recent scenes saw the character turn her attentions to Suki, wanting to help her through her battle now that she was okay.

But Jean is confused yet again next week after her friend's claims don't seem to add up.

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Suki can't seem to get her story straight, stating she has two different doctors while also knowing very little about her apparent treatment.

Jean isn't the only one confused, with Shirley Carter also thinking something might be going on.

Suki and daughter Ash have only just made amends in previous months, while she too thinks her mother might be hiding something in upcoming episodes.

At the start of next week, the death of her partner Daniel just weeks ago leads to Jean being more aware of what's going on around her.

Jean is keen to get to the bottom of Suki's illness, and why she doesn't seem to know anything about her treatment.

Her meddling leads to Suki lashing out though, issuing her a warning.

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But a showdown soon ensues, when Jean finds her in the pub with her children and publicly accuses her of lying about her cancer.

The family are disgusted with her claims while Shirley backs her – and it isn't long until Suki's eldest son Kheerat asks her to her face for the truth.

With him and sister Ash both suspecting something, could Suki finally be exposed?

EastEnders airs Mondays and Fridays at 8pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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