EastEnders: The name of Sharon' baby Kayden has a touching hidden meaning

At first, Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) getting ahead of herself and suggesting the name Kayden for her new grandson seemed like just a typical Karen Taylor type name in EastEnders as she told the story of how she almost named Keegan Baker (Zack Morris) that.

With Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) consumed by grief and thoughts of suicide after Dennis Rickman’s (Bleu Landau) death, she went along with what Karen said and Kayden was named. But while some fans spotted the continuation of a valuable legacy in the names, others didn’t – including us at first, we must admit.

But the fact that the name ‘den’ which dates back through the family to the very first episode remains in the family line at the end of Kayden is a touching way of keeping the tradition without having Sharon name another child Dennis after someone she lost.

At the time, Sharon was in the mind frame that she wouldn’t see Kayden again as, feeling broken by the loss of Dennis, she pored over memories of her late teenage son and contemplated taking her own life.

She broke down as Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) arrived on the scene and said she couldn’t do it and when Ian told her that she had a baby to think of, she sobbed that she didn’t want him; she wanted Dennis.

As Ian continues to hide the horrific secret that he was partially involved in Dennis’ death, he felt worse than ever but as Sharon starts digging for answers tonight, will he be forced into a confession?

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