EastEnders viewers spot blunder as Sharon’s glass magically fills with booze – The Sun

EASTENDERS viewers spotted an amusing blunder after Sharon's glass magically filled with booze despite being empty.

Fans spotted the editing fail in Friday night's episode as grieving Sharon Mitchell drowns her sorrows following son Dennis' death.

In an unusual heart to heart with Shirley Carter, Sharon picks up her glass that's almost empty – and when she takes a sip a second later it's full.

"Miracles do happen #EastEnders," joked one viewer.

Another added: "Funny how Sharon picked up a half empty glass and then drunk out of a full glass #EastEnders."

Someone else said: "Why did Sharon pick up the nearly empty glass to toast and then drink from the nearly full one?"

A viewer added: "Anyone else notice Sharon picked up an empty glass and it was full when she drank? I need one of those kind of glasses myself #EastEnders."

Sharon has been left devastated by Dennis' death after he drowned in the River Thames.

And in a tragic twist she was giving birth to her second child at the same time.

She had been busy making plans for the three of them to leave Walford together for a new life.

But Ian Beale had locked Dennis in a room on the boat to teach him a lesson for having his son Bobby attacked.

When the boat crashed, Ian tried to save him – but it was too late.

Ian has kept his deadly secret to himself, with everyone on Albert Square believing he was a hero for trying to save Denny.

In scenes set to air later this year, Sharon will discover Ian's role in Dennis' death.

Right now she's unaware and blaming herself as she struggles to cope as a new mum and is too grief-stricken to bond with her newborn Kayden.

In last night's emotional episode Sharon was seen planning to take her own life before she thought twice when Ian rushed in trying to stop her.

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