Ed Sheeran reveals he’d party until 6am and drink TEN pints a night before wife's pregnancy put him on health kick

SINGER Ed Sheeran has revealed how he would party into the early hours and drink TEN pints a night before his wife's pregnancy.

The 30-year-old songwriter said he went on a health kick and changed his approach to life after welcoming baby Lyra with Cherry Seaborn last year.

Hitmaker Ed spoke to Zane Lowe on Apple Music about how fatherhood dramatically changed him, including giving up partying and boozing.

"My lifestyle completely shifted," Ed explained. "Instead of going to bed at 6am, I'm getting up at 6am and well, earlier than that.

"I used to do everything to excess, like real excess. I would go to a restaurant and be like, 'Oh, I like the look of that, and that, and I'll just eat all of that'."

"I loved drinking everything in sight and all the other stuff," the star continued, noting it wasn't until Cherry revealed she was pregnant that things changed.

"I found when Cherry was six months pregnant, I was like, right at this point, water's might break anytime and I'm just going to stop excess and just be available and be the husband that I'm meant to be."

Ed said since then he's been living "clean and healthy", putting things in place to "stop excess" eating and drinking in order to focus on parenting.

"Like I still have beer, but I won't have ten pints. I'll have like three, and I still have burgers, but I won't have two, I'll have one."

The Shape Of You singer added it was "amazing" to experience the changes that becoming a father had in store, including "learning every day".

"The relationship with my parents completely changed, it was amazing before but now it's just like this eternal gratefulness and respect," he added.

"I know what they went through and I'm still going through it… I'm learning day by day. I think it's amazing."

Ed admitted that finding out his wife Cherry was pregnant worried him as he wondered who he would "navigate it into his career".

The star found inspiration from rock star Bono, who welcomed his first child at 28 during a live tour and went on to perform for 30 more years.

"I got in touch, and we had like a three hour chat and he is the sweetest guy," Ed explained of his unlikely friendship with the star.

"He was telling me about how he navigated being a father, like where his kids went to school and how they did tours and stuff."

Finding a healthy balance with his work and home life, the Perfect singer said his life is now "wholesome and good" as things have calmed down.

Despite settling into family life, Ed has found himself having to hit back at meddling neighbours after a series of planning disputes.

The superstar, who releases new single Bad Habits this week, told the bores to wind their beaks in after once again wading into his business.

Asked about the planning disputes at his Suffolk home, Ed exclusively told The Sun: “People need to mind their own business.”

His £3.7million estate has been dubbed Sheeran­­ville, but Ed continued: “I didn’t name it that. I tried to change the name of it to The Shire because I love The Hobbit. But it got denied.”

The superstar, who dressed as a (ginger-haired) vampire in the video for his new track, has been hard at work on his next album. Ed also revealed he has recorded a collaboration with Lewis Capaldi.

He explained “Most of my lockdown was spent on the phone to him. He reminds me so much of myself on my first album.

"I know how much pressure he’s putting on himself and the label is putting on him. Second albums are so important so we just called a lot, and we’ve had long chats about life. We wrote a tune, and it’s actually pretty good.”

Ed also opened up about becoming a dad. Wife Cherry Seaborn gave birth to daughter Lyra in August.

He revealed Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid is Lyra’s godfather and he confirmed the tot’s middle name, Antarctica, was linked to where she was conceived.

Ed and Cherry visited the chilly continent on his hiatus. Ed said: “We got home and Cherry was pregnant. It was something we wanted to have in her name. People see it as weird, but it’s less about where she was made and more about it being special.”

Fans loving Bad Habits won’t have to wait long for Ed’s next release. He also appeared on Radio 1’s Breakfast show today where he confirmed his next album, believed to be called Minus, would be out in “in autumn”.

Ed added: “I recorded the first song from it [in] June 2017 and I’ve just been chipping away at it.”

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