Edie Falco Laughs Off Expletive Blunder on Daytime TV

‘The Sopranos’ actress stops by ‘The View’ to promote her new police drama series, ‘Tommy’, and shares her thought on the fact her top cop character is a lesbian.

AceShowbiz -Actress Edie Falco accidentally turned the air blue on Thursday (February 27) after letting slip an expletive on daytime TV.

“The Sopranos” star was promoting her new police drama series, “Tommy“, on America’s “The View” when she admitted she was unfazed by the fact her top cop character, Abigail ‘Tommy’ Thomas, was a lesbian.

“It did not occur to me as something to take into account when I read it (in the script),” Falco shared. “It was just, this is what she does, this is the job she’s gonna take on, and how will that be different because of who she is as a person, as opposed to the fact that she’s a woman or that she’s gay?”

She continued, “It feels like maybe it’s time – it’s long past time, if you ask me – where that’s not the first thing you know or you ask about someone, their sexuality. It feels like what a bizarre thing to even know. Who gives a s**t, right?”

The 56-year-old quickly realised her blunder, which was bleeped out by TV censors, and laughed off the mishap by cheering, “Whoo!”

“I think Carmela kicked in there for a second!” show co-host Joy Behar quipped, referencing the star’s mob wife character on “The Sopranos”.

Falco, who is known for tackling edgy characters on cable TV, where language and content rules are more relaxed, smiled as she explained, “See, I don’t work on network (TV) much…! That’s what that is. I had a moment!”

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