Emmerdale hints at who will expose Liam and Wendy's affair – and it's not Bob

Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) is convinced he should continue his secret affair with Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) in Emmerdale – but she doesn’t quite agree.

This is because Wendy is also in a settled relationship with Bob (Tony Audenshaw) and hates the fact she’s being unfaithful to him.

Initially, spending time with Liam over their love for murder mystery dramas seemed like a good idea.

Wendy got slightly carried away, however, and decided to go along to a Murder Most Murky convention with her colleague. While Liam lied about where he went because he doesn’t want anyone working out that he’s Anna Le Monde, Wendy also decided to not be entirely honest with her friends about what she was up to.

Wendy and Liam regretted their choices tonight, when it became apparent Lydia (Karen Blick) is a huge fan of the magazine as well.

She was flicking through the latest copy and came across a picture of Wendy as Anna Le Monde, also noticing a man’s arm in the background of the image.

It didn’t take long for Lydia to work out the truth and so she confronted Wendy and Liam in the café, feeling extremely pleased with her deduction skills.

While Lydia had worked out Liam and Wendy’s secret, nothing indicates that she was getting suspicious over how close they are – but could that all change?

If Wendy and Liam can’t keep their hands off each other, will Lydia be the person to work out their affair?

‘It was great fun, but she is in a deep and meaningful relationship with Bob, and it has to stop. Liam doesn’t want it to stop, does he?’, Susan Cookson told us.

‘The physicality’s over with. But I think Wendy is getting drawn in a bit more with Liam on an emotional level…’

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