Emmerdale spoilers: Chas Dingle and Paddy leave as affair rumbled

Emmerdale: Cain talks to Chas in prison

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Over the past few weeks, viewers of the ITV soap have watched as Chas (Lucy Pargeter) navigates her way through grief after her secret lover Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) was murdered. However, in scenes set to air next week fans will see Chas and her husband Paddy (Dominic Brunt) grow closer than ever as a surprise trip is booked. Although with more people starting to work out her past relations with Al, her exit may not go too smoothly.

During Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary special, the ITV soap saw the exit of many characters including bad boy Al Chapman who was planning on running away with his secret love Chas.

Although people were led to believe it was Cain Dingle who shot Al, in a rage for ruining his sister’s marriage with Paddy, it was later revealed that it was his 10-year-old son Kyle.

As Cain remains behind bars for taking the blame to protect his son, Chas remains quiet over her secret affair with Al, although in scenes set to air next week all could about to be exposed.

After finding some of Faith’s old possessions, Chas becomes emotional as her loving husband Paddy is on hand to support her.

Later on, she’s grateful for her own family as she decorates her Christmas tree with Eve before having dinner with Rhona and Marlon.

After a wholesome afternoon getting festive and enjoying a meal, Chas is left more in love with her husband than ever before.

Paddy surprises Chas with a gift which makes her feel guilty she nearly considered running away with Al, however, she’s ready to put her affair in the past and appreciate her family.

Elsewhere in the soap, Chloe speaks to Belle as she reveals she has discovered that the night Faith died, Al took someone out for dinner.

The penny then drops for Belle who realises that after she confronted Chas and Al, who confessed their affair was over, that was far from the truth.

Knowing they never-ending their relationship behind Kerry and Paddy’s back, Belle furiously confronts Chas about being at Westgrove Hall Hotel with Al the night that Faith died.

Unable to deny the truth, Belle suggests that their affair was the reason Cain killed Al, which leaves Chas wondering  whether to admit to believing in this theory too.

Terrified that Belle will reveal everything to Paddy, she’s later delighted to hear that her husband has booked them a surprise getaway.

Speaking to Moira, Belle breaks down in front of her as she admits everything she knows, leaving her furious as she starts to put two and two together over Cain’s imprisonment and Al’s death.

The next day Chas is getting ready to leave the village with her husband relieved at the timing of it all, although with Belle and Moira outraged at her lies, her trip may take a halt.

A theory by Express.co.uk suggests that Moira goes to Chas’ house as she demands to hear the entire truth from her and refuses to leave before getting answers.

Unable to run away from the truth any longer, Chas keeps her voice low as she tells Moira everything, however, she’s unaware that Paddy can hear what she’s said about her affair.

Coming into the room to let his wife know he’s just heard about the secret relationship and the killing, he storms out of the house leaving Chas distraught.

Speaking to Inside Soap Magazine in the past, actor Dominic Brunt confessed he wants Chas and Al to be exposed.

He said: “I hope he finds out she’s having an affair first, then it’s revealed separately it’s with Al because that’s the most shocking thing. Of all the people!
“Paddy and Chas nearly lost everything because of him, and he tried to blackmail Paddy. The story has been sitting there waiting, and I can’t wait for it to come out.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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