Film and TV prop man creates his own cinema at home with a minibar

The cinemas have been closed for months and we’re itching for that fresh popcorn and big screen experience.

One man has decided to bring the cinema to him.

Company director Sam Creed who works in film and television as a prop man decided to use the things he’d picked up from set and bought in the past and put it all together to make a home cinema.

The 33-year-old from Surrey created a stunning home theatre, complete with a mini-bar and drinks fridge just like the ones we see at the cinema.

Sam spent £120 on all the trinkets that make up his home cinema, using cool leftover set pieces.

His biggest spend for the makeover was for the 75″ flat-screen TV which cost him £800.

It was all worth it as he can now enjoy his favourite films and the proper cinema experience, all from the comfort of his own home.

Like many people, Sam has been unable to work during the pandemic.

So he used his downtime to get to work.

The stunning transformation, complete with new wallpaper, snazzy lights, film posters and DVD cases on display, took Sam a week to complete.

He tells ‘I’m a film and tv prop man so I had a few bits from past jobs and I love a good movie.

‘The 1920 theatre seats were of a show last year that I had in storage. The floor was from a hotel set that I saved from last year.

‘I saved the seats from a movie set from the start of the year. The bar top was from Dad’s Army and a few other parts are from other TV shows.

‘I spent £800 on the 75” tv. And the drinks fridge was £90 off Facebook Market Place as were the copper lights for £10 and the grey under counter units were £20 from someone doing a new kitchen so I spent £920 total and the rest is saved from the skip from other jobs.’

Sam is a film buff so you’ll see odes to his favourite movies around the house.

You can even find a replica of the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future in his house that he’s working on.

Sam adds: ‘I decided to do this to keep busy and the room was not used.

‘So now I have a place to come and sit and watch my favourite movies.

‘I also have a full-size DeLorean time machine that I’m building so it’s a nice place to watch my favourite movie Back to the Future with a beer and popcorn.

‘I’m happy with how it turned out. And even the dog (Harvey) has a seat. He’s loved it as well.

‘I’m using the cinema a lot to catch up on some of the films and shows I’ve worked on that I’ve not had time to see.

‘All in all, very happy with it. My wife Emma helped every step of the way with ideas and to use what props and bits we had in storage.’

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