First Dates cringe gaffe as man storms off as singleton Chloe forgets his name

First Dates is nothing if not cringeworthy.

The dating show's most recent offering saw hysterical and squirm-inducing scenes as red-faced singleton Chloe admitted to her date that she had no idea what his name was.

Having had drinks at the bar and chatted together, a giggling Chloe told Anthony: "I forgot your name!"

Anthony pretended he was leaving in anger as he laughed: "Come on! It's Anthony!"

They could both see the humour in it and shared a chuckle as their food was served.

The show's renowned for its sense of humour, but recent scenes have also seen some tearjerking moments.

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23 year old Sophie Hall recently appeared on the show – a victim of an acid attack by Arthur Collins, Ferne McCann's ex.

Back in 2017, she was attacked by Collins outside a London nightclub – Collins is currently serving a 20 year sentence.

Sophie found love on the show with lad Bailey, leaving fans with a real mix of emotions as they admitted to "getting so upset listening to her story."

The show is fronted by legendary maitre d' Fred Sirieix, who recently dished to Daily Star Online about the backstage goss.

The 48 year old said: "We have our own private conversations which I can't tell you about!

"We have a great relationship, we have a lot of fun. It's always fun to go to work and film and run the restaurant.

"We genuinely have a good time behind the scenes and we have a great production team. That's what makes the show, really."

The star's also been dishing out dating advice to keep things fresh in a couple.

One of his nuggets of romantic wisdom was to regularly go out, at least once a week.

"Having a date night a week is always a good idea," he told, "Whether it's going out for something  to eat or just popping to the pub for a pint, going to a restaurant or even going for a stroll.

"Finding some 'us' time once a week, away from all the stresses of life, is vital."

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