'General Hospital' Fans Find it Hard to Believe Chase Still Has Six Pack Abs After Being Bedridden

The world of soap operas wouldn’t survive without cliffhangers and excessive drama. That being said, the actors that portray the characters on shows, like General Hospital, sometimes don’t know if their characters will survive the month. It certainly was the case in Chase’s predicament.

What is really on the minds of fans after Chase’s medical debacle is how he still has an amazing set of abs after being bedridden for so long!

Chase almost died in ‘General Hospital’

It was a medical condition that ran on for a while that no one could figure out. Chase was accidentally poisoned, and there was no cure. He spent months improving and then dramatically declining. We all thought Chase would soon be added to the long list of tragic deaths that soap operas leave behind. Thankfully, that would not be the case.

Finn produced an antidote for Chase that improved him somewhat. However, he soon began declining again, this time going as far as his heart-stopping. Thankfully, Finn was present and able to revive him. Finn produced another antidote comprised of his father’s DNA and that of Chase’s mother that eventually cured the poisoning.

Thank goodness Finn knows that Chase’s real father was Gregory Harrison and is good at chemistry, right? Oh wait, we “aren’t supposed to know” who Chase’s father is, oops.  

How did Chase maintain his physique?

Well, we all know that General Hospital is a TV show and that the actors do not live the life of the characters they play. In real life, Josh Swickard did not lay in bed for six months, sick, and attend physical therapy to regain the use of his legs. He simply maintained his body off the show.

Fans are getting a laugh out of the show’s small blunder, with some joking they want his six-pack secrets to employ in their own life. One fan on Twitter commented on a teaser General Hospital released about Chase’s love triangle, questioning how Chase was so close to death and hospitalized for months, using a wheelchair, but still emerged with his six-pack somehow.

It is funny how the writers and producers did not consider the natural process of an illness that severely would affect the body. However, would we really want to see Chase as a pale and rail-thin man with no muscle to gawk at? Probably not. It’s a fast way to watch the rating decline when one of the male figures on the show loses his sex appeal.

Chase’s future … Will they attempt to kill him off again?

With everything that has happened to Chase in recent months you might have thought he was a goner for sure. However, he recovered only to find out the woman he married on his deathbed is cheating on him. Eventually, the deceit bubbles to the surface and becomes an issue. What is coming for Chase now?

Swickard has stated recently that there has not been the big talk of his character’s demise, so Chase will continue to appear on General Hospital. Unfortunately, the show’s writers keep the episodes under tight wrap, so not even the characters know what will happen more than three weeks in advance. They only get that time to be able to get their lines straight.

There are a few ways to keep up with the soap opera world of General Hospital. You can catch up on episodes on Hulu or watch them online at ABC.com.

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