'Gilmore Girls': What Would Lorelai Gilmore's House Be Worth Today?

GilmoreGirls fans have often swooned over the house that Lorelai and RoryGilmore shared. It’s quaint and cute and perfectly fits their personalities.It is also the perfect example of the contrast between the mother-daughter duoand their family members, Richardand Emily Gilmore, who’s expansive home had 12 different secret escape routes.While the home, itself, doesn’t exist, it’s pretty easy to figure out just howmuch a house with similar specs would have cost when purchased and what itwould be worth today if it were real.

What town is Stars Hollow based on?

Stars Hollow is a fictional town, but AmySherman-Palladino has been pretty open about the fact that WashingtonDepot, Connecticut, is the real town that Stars Hollow is based on. Accordingto theNew York Times, Sherman-Palladino created the village after staying ata five-star inn in the small hamlet. The rest is history. While StarsHollow may be fictitious, there is enough information about WashingtonDepot to figure out how much Lorelai and Rory’s adorable home would cost.

While Stars Hollow was portrayed as a small working-class town, itsinspiration is decidedly upper-middle-class. The average household income inWashington Depot in 2018 was more than $181,000 per year, and the majority ofthe town’s 1,074 residents were employed in white-collar lines of work.

How much would Lorelai’s home have cost?

Lorelai’s house was relatively small in comparison to homes thatexist in the show’s inspiration town. In Washington Dept, new construction thatoffers over 5,000 square feet of living space appears to be the norm. Olderhomes, however, can be found in the greater Washington-area.  The larger Washington, Connecticut area has anaverage home price of around $600,000. Two-bedroom properties in the area havean average sale price of approximately $415,000 currently, according to Zillow.

Lorelai never mentions how much she paid for her home, but it isstated that she purchased the property after saving up enough money fromworking at the Independence Inn. Rory and Lorelai lived on the inn’s property,presumably rent-free until Rory was about 11. Looking at property records datingback to the 1990s, it’s safe to assume Lorelai probably plunked down around $200,000for the fictional, two-bedroom living space.

Could Lorelai afford to live in her home?

Assuming that Lorelai saved enough money for a hefty down payment,she could theoretically swing her house payment, but not much else. Lorelai likelymade around $50,000 as a manager at the Independence Inn, after taxes, she’d betaking home about $3,000 per month. Lorelai would be paying roughly $1,000 justto keep her home and an additional $4,000 per year in property taxes. Utilitieswould likely cost an additional $500 per month.

While the numbers make sense, what would have likely broken the bankwas Lorelaiand Rory’s propensity to eat out and order take out. The duo never cookedin their home, save for a frozen pizza here and there. Their addiction to junkfood and take out would have easily tacked an additional $1,000 onto theirmonthly budget if they ate out for two meals each day, every day of the workweek.

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