Gino D'Acampo has The European Road Trip viewers in hysterics as he crashes caravan and abandons it

GINO D'Acampo hilariously breaks back of caravan and gets it stuck on steep hill on ITV's The Italian Job.

The popular trio of Gino, 44, Gordan Ramsey, 54 and Fred Sirieix, 49, returned tonight with a brand new series of European Road Trip.

Gino took his mates to his native Italy in which they would preparing food for his friend's vow renewal ceremony, but they needed to stop in places along the way to get ingredients to prepare the food.

While the Italian was driving Gordan and Fred through Naples however, the 2009 I'm A Celeb winner somehow managed to damage the caravan as he tried to maneuver through the tight streets.

The roads in the area were originally designed for the horse and cart, so perhaps it wasn't such a surprise to see a small section of the back of the caravan had been broken.

Fred stepped out of the caravan and said to Gino "you can't drive", to which a flustered Gino snapped: "If you say one more time I cannot drive, I'm sweating like a pig!"

That wasn't all as Gino managed to get the caravan stuck on a steep hill while travelling through the Campania countryside.

The chef was tried to turn a sharp bend and due to the size of the vehicle, it simply couldn't make the turn.

He tried to reverse but the caravan wouldn't budge, so they got out and walked to their destination, which thankfully wasn't too far away.

Viewers were left in stiches by the trio as one wrote: "Literally one of the best shows, has me in tears #GordanGinoAndFred."

Another added: "The boys are back #GordanGinoandFred."

While a third user added: "#GordanGinoandFred always makes me laugh #relaxing #Mondaynight."

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