GMB viewers turn off show as guest brands The Queen face of white supremacy

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Good Morning Britain fans were left turning off the ITV programme in their droves on Wednesday after bosses aired a guest branding Her Majesty The Queen the 'face of white supremacy'.

Professor Andrews appeared on the show to debate The University of Oxford's Magdalen College voting to remove an image of Her Majesty to be more inclusive and welcoming.

Fully supporting the decision, he said: "If we are honest The Queen is the number one symbol of white supremacy in the world.

"That is what she represents. What else could you say?"

Stunned by the derogatory an inflammatory comment, host Richard Madeley hit out – accusing him of talking nonsense.

Richard pointed to the fact that during her almost seven decade reign Her Majesty has helped dismantle colonialism and supported all race around the world via the Commonwealth.

The TV veteran was so baffled by the vote that he admitted he thought it was a wind up.

Hitting back, Professor Andrew's replied: "The students didn't do this to get in the news. They took a vote and decided. "

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Giving another take on the situation, Oxford student Calvin slammed his fellow students for virtue signalling.

Calvin said: "I don't think they are trolling us. I really think they are virtue signalling as it's easier to make yourself look good than do good."

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: Watching this college professor on GMB and I’ve had to turn it off.

"Calling The Queen a white supremacist. Cancel culture a******e!!"

Another added: "The Queen is a white supremacist….SWITCHED OFF. Sort out your programme! It’s a bloody joke."

A third continued: "@GMB when are you going to stop allowing idiots on your show 'the Queen represents white supremacy' WTF?"

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"That odious little man @kehinde_andrews is at it again, this time calling The Queen a 'White supremacist'. What a silly little man."

"@GMB please get that professor off the screen, so so racist, how dare he slate the Queen," a fourth moaned.

Meanwhile, a fifth raged: "Yes Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley for defending the Queen against the frankly ridiculous claim of representing white supremacy!"

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