Gomorrah season 5 release time: What time will the premiere air?

Gomorrah: Sky TV releases trailer for final season

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Gomorrah’s fifth season is highly anticipated by fans as it will be finally bringing the rivalry between Ciro Di Marzio and Gennaro Savastano to an end. After five seasons, the Sky show has become Italy’s most successful export. However, the last season’s release date will vary depending on location.

What time will season five air?

The release of season five is bittersweet for fans, as it will mark the end of the crime drama’s run.

The final season has already premiered as part of the closing evening of the CannesSeries festival on October 13, but now it is making its official debut on TV.

For fans in Italy, the season will be making its debut at 8.15pm on November 19 on Sky Atlantic.

As for the UK, Germany, and the rest of Europe, the official release date has not been revealed by Sky, though it will be premiering in late 2021.

It will likely release late December, though there is the possibility it could be pushed back into early 2022.

Express.co.uk will update this story once an official release date and time has been confirmed for the UK.

As for fans in the US, Sky has partnered with HBO Max to release the complete series on the platform.

It will be exclusive to HBO Max, meaning viewers will have to pay for a subscription to catch it.

Similar to the UK release, no premiere date has been confirmed for HBO Max but is aiming for a 2021 debut.

HBO Max is only available in the USA and costs $14.99 per month for subscribers.

There is also a seven-day free trial available for users that are new to the platform.

Sky’s deal with HBO will also make the Gomorrah tie-in film, The Immortal, also available on the service.

Unlike many other TV to film spin-offs, The Immortal is integral to the main plot and is therefore essential viewing for fans.

As a prequel, the film establishes many of the motivations and characters; and lays the groundwork for much of the show – especially season five.

However, the film also bridges the gap between seasons four and five, making it more important to see before the final season.

Marco D-Amore stars as Ciro Di Marzio, reprising his role from the series.

Other characters appear throughout the film, including the show’s main player Genny Savastano (played by Salvatore Esposito).

Season five of Gomorrah will be broken down into 10 chapters, all promising to tie up the loose ends of the show.

This is shorter than the usual 12 episodes the previous seasons had, as this will close the ongoing arcs of many of the characters.  

Gomorrah season five will premiere on November 19 on Sky Atlantic in Italy and later in the year for the UK. The series is also set to release on HBO Max in the USA later this year.

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