Hollyoaks spoilers: Drunk Tony tries to snog his own SISTER on boozy night out

HOLLYOAKS' Tony Hutchinson tries to snog his own SISTER on a boozy night out next week.

Tony – played by Nick Pickard – makes the embarrassing blunder after becoming suspicious Diane was having an affair whilst he was being held captive.

And this is only heightened when Diane decides to throw out a designer handbag, one that Tony doesn't recognise.

Edward feeds his suspicion even more, wanting him to find out about the affair.

Later, a drunken Tony approaches an attractive woman on the dancefloor and asks her to give him a kiss, only for her to turn around and reveal that she is his sister, Verity, who is back in the village.

The character is set to be rocked by the arrival of ruthless and cunning Verity (Eva O'Hara) when she lands on screens next week.

The Channel 4 soap has already introduced Tony's twisted dad Edward (Joe McGann), but trouble-making sister Verity is on her way.

His evil sibling arrive in Hollyoaks to set up a law firm.

Actress Eva explained: "She can hold her own in any situation and really doesn't take no for an answer.

"She has a fascinating balance of ruthlessness and compassion, making her one to watch… I've found myself feeling jealous of her fearlessness at times."

It comes off the back of the the soap announcing they have made Tony a key character in the show's milestone year in 2020, celebrating their 25th anniversary.

A show spokesperson previously said: "Edward couldn't be more different than loveable Tony. He's a highly manipulative and narcissistic surgeon who has only his best interests at heart.

"The height of his villainy will build to a huge story running across the anniversary and beyond."

It was thought Tony would become a key character in the soap's Later series, and Nikki Sanderson hinted the spin-off show would return to mark the soap's 25th anniversary.

Loyal Hollyoaks fans have been delighted to hear that spin-off show Hollyoaks Later is back with special late-night episodes featuring dark and explicit content.

The after-dark show's gory and shocking content isn’t deemed appropriate for the traditional 6.30pm time slot.

But the show hasn’t aired since 2013, and fans will remember 2000’s iconic episode focusing on Luke Morgan’s harrowing male rape storyline.

And Nikki, who plays Maxine, teased that the soap's upcoming storylines could be too dark to air before the 9pm watershed, sharing: "We’ve all heard little snippets and rumours but producers are being very quiet and we’re all being kept in the dark.

She said: "We’ve all heard little snippets and rumours but producers are being very quiet and we’re all being kept in the dark.

"We all want to be part of it and I’m sure if previous anniversaries are to go by it will be explosive."

Nikki added to the Daily Star: "Anything could happen. Hollyoaks Later could come back. I think every time there is a big anniversary Hollyoaks always comes through with amazing stunts which make a huge impact."

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