Inside Ibiza Weekender star Chyna Ellis’ amazing home with huge mirror, massive grey bed and all white kitchen – The Sun

CHYNA Ellis has given an insight into her glamorous Essex home.

The Ibiza Weekender star, 25, regularly updates her Instagram feed with selfies which give a sneak peek of what her gorgeous pad looks like.

The reality star has the most stunning interior running throughout her amazing Essex abode.

She's kept it simple with a range of monochrome colours, including white, grey and black.

Her living space boasts a statement white leather sofa which has a grey fury throw covering it for extra comfort.

The Casa Amor bombshell also has a black and white portrait Marylin Monroe with some tattoos and wings on her white walls – which works well with her grey floorboards.

Chyna's girly style has come through with her choice of cute trinkets in her living room.

She has a range of signs, frames and flowers to make home feel as comfortable as ever and uses her windowsill as the perfect backdrop for her Instagram pictures.

The Love Island star has kept to her all white colour scheme in her kitchen as it boasts some white marble worktop surfaces, alongside a contrasting black hob and kitchen appliances.

Her dining room table and chairs are in immaculate condition – making them the best backdrop for a sponsored post.

The blonde beauty has a huge double bed fit for a queen with a textured grey heard board and white duvet cover.

Her personal living space also boasts a huge Hollywood mirror on top of her glamorous mirrored drawers which sparkle when her bedside lamp is on.

The Essex lass first hit our screens back in 2015 as a Casa Amor bombshell on series three of Love Island.

Chyna sensationally coupled up with Kem Cetinay, 23, after he ditched Amber Davies, 23, only for the Dancing on Ice star to perform a U-Turn and get back with Amber.

Kem's decision left Chyna heartbroken and eventually left the villa without finding a man.

She soon sparked up a romance with bad-boy Jonny Mitchell,29 – who whisked her away on a romantic getaway to Hungary.

Their relationship fell apart when the model dumped her love on air, admitting that he'd cheated on her with multiple women.

Chyna decided to give another reality show a go in 2017 and began her role as a holiday rep on Ibiza Weekender.

Chyna fell for yet another bad boy – Jordan Davies – and it soon came to an end when she thought their relationship was getting a "bit tense."

After leaving the show, Chyna revealed The Sun's Bizarre column that Ibiza Weekender bosses "work you like a dog" and got as little as two hours sleep a night.

She said: “Everyone thinks it’s an easy job and fun but they make you work. You get s*** food – you get chips and a burger every day and don’t get to go to the gym. I have a healthy lifestyle.

“You don't get to go to the gym. You'd get home at five and you won't get to sleep until six because you'd have to get the guests to sleep before you and then you'd have to get up at about nine o'clock. They work you like a dog on that show.

“It's not just a holiday and it really p****s me off because people say, 'oh they're pretending, they get days off' stuff like that. But we really don't.

"And you're constantly having to be asked to work and you get told off.

"If you're not in your position legit the producers will be like, 'get in your position now'. And you get told off. It's ridiculous. You really do get treated like you're actually at work.”

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