‘It put me on edge!’ Paddy McGuiness on working with Formula 1 drivers on Top Gear

Sunday Brunch: Paddy McGuinness on Top Gear gig

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Top Gear returns on Sunday night with a brand new series on BBC One. The hit show will see presenters Chris Harris, Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, and Paddy McGuinness take on a variety of motoring challenges throughout the series. In Sunday’s episode, the trio will head to the British Grand Prix for a showdown with some of F1’s best drivers. Chatting about the experience, Paddy confessed he felt pressure while filming with the professional racers.

The three Top Gear presenters will be once again attempting to show off their skills behind the wheel on Sunday night.

Fans will see Paddy, Chris, and Freddie take part in a very special race on the track at Silverstone.

They’ll be going up against Formula One drivers Sebastian Vettel, Lando Norris and Antonio Giovinazzi.

In a recent interview with Express.co.uk and other press, Paddy revealed what the racing experience was like.

The presenter said he’s used to doing “weird and wonderful things” on Top Gear, but admitted that racing against F1 drivers was a lot of pressure.

“When we got to Silverstone, I think it’s not so much the pressure of being there it’s the pressure of you feel the enormity of these F1 drivers and you’ve got them for 15 minutes,” he commented

Paddy explained that having such a short time with the racing stars made the filming experience very intense.

The presenter said: “It’s like ‘You’ve got to do it, you’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that’.

“So, I think it just naturally put you on edge. It put me on edge anyhow because I was just aware we won’t have much time with them,” he explained.

Chris chimed in, highlighting that the short filming time was a new experience for them on Top Gear.

He revealed: “We did that in under an hour that film, so Top Gear has never done that before.

“It’s a big slow-moving beast, any television production, as you know. To do that in an hour, fair play to the production crew and everyone that put it together because it was a big thing to achieve,” he added.

Chris praised the Top Gear production team further for getting access to film with the drivers at Silverstone, noting that it was an unusual occurrence.

He explained: “To get access to a Grand Prix weekend is really difficult. It’s so regimented.

“I’ve done race series within F1 weekends and they treat you like dirt, whereas they let us in and that was a real privilege,” Chris remarked.

Freddie added: “It was a treat as well. You know, I’m not a massive F1 fan, but doing the race licence and being there I’ve got a new appreciation for it.”

He noted that there aren’t many sports where you could get such a special opportunity.

Freddie commented: “You’re not going to go and play cricket at Lords as a punter, or you’re not going to go and play and have a kick about at Wembley.

“You know, Silverstone two days before the race… and they were great lads as well,” he added.

Top Gear fans will be able to see how the trio fared in their race against the Formula One drivers in the first episode of the new series.

Top Gear series 31 premieres Sunday, November 14 at 8pm on BBC One.

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