Jenelle Evans Reveals She Has a New Pet 9 Months After Her Ex Shot and Killed Her Dog

Jenelle Evans has welcomed a new dog into her life.

On Wednesday, Evans, 28, introduced her Twitter followers to her puppy golden doodle, just nine months after her estranged husband David Eason shot and killed her French Bulldog Nugget.

“Meet Rosey,” Evans wrote on Twitter, directing everyone to her blog. “Since everyone’s asking… here’s our ‘new’ pet.”

In her blog post, Evans shared that she was moved to get a new fur baby after leaving her home in North Carolina to move to Nashville, Tennessee.

PEOPLE previously reported in October that Evans and Eason had split after tying the knot in September 2017.  Despite the breakup, the former couple were spotted together earlier this month in Tennessee. However, as for whether or not the former pair have rekindled things, Evans told E!, “Nope, not right now.”

Evans explained in her blog that upon her arrival in Nashville, she wanted to make her kids “feel as comfortable as possible.”

“I thought the best way to do this was to buy a dog,” Evans shared. “Yes, I know what you’re thinking, ‘Jenelle is crazy!’ Sometimes I have the best ideas, and sometimes I don’t. This idea turned out to be a good one.”

After doing research on Craigslist, Evans decided on a golden doodle.

“This breed is perfect for kids! Golden doodles are known to be super friendly with everyone, extremely playful, and therapy dogs, which help with anxiety,” Evans wrote.

“After learning tons of information about these dogs, I replied to the Craigslist post about meeting up to see the puppies. I packed the kids up in the car and headed out 45 minutes into the country of Tennessee,” Evans shared. “We met the Craigslist lady at a public store. When I looked in her back seat was filled with 6-8 golden doodle puppies! I was melting onto the parking lot. The kids ended up choosing a female and she was a dark red color. We ended up naming her Rosey!”

Evans explained that when she got back home with Rosey, her kids couldn’t get enough of the little pooch.

“She seemed to be shy at first but warmed up very quickly. Fast forward until now, Rosey is 6 months old and a really hyper puppy. She is full of energy and it matches the kids personalities perfect.”

Evans concluded her post, explaining while though the new addition to her family came during a tough time, “I’m happy I did!”

Evans previously added two Anatolian Shepherds named Buddy and Junior to her home just three months after the death of Nugget.

However, it is not immediately clear if Evans still sees the dogs as she got them while still with Eason when she lived in Riegelwood, North Carolina.

Evans made headlines again in February of this year after sources told TMZ that she was splitting time in Nashville and North Carolina to take care of her and Eason’s pet goat.

As seen in Eason’s recent TikTok video, a baby goat was in the North Carolina home.

A rep for Evans did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment regarding her reported ownership of the goat.

As for her relationship status with Eason, Evans told E! that they are “just co-parenting.”

“No one knows anything and I’m sick of everyone trying to guess my life. I have no privacy no matter what I do,” she told E!

“No, he lives at the North Carolina house that we own together,” she said about the two living together again. “I still have my apartment.”

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