Jill Duggar says liberal VP candidate Kamala Harris is 'beloved' after daughter rebels against conservative family

JILL Duggar has shared a meme reminding all Christians that Democratic nominees Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are "important and beloved."

The Duggar family are famously conservative, with Jill's brother Jed running for state legislature on a Republican ticket, and sister Jana recently sharing a video of their lawn which reads "Trump 2020."

But Jill, who has become estranged from her family in recent years, posted a meme which read: "Kamala is beloved, Donald is fearfully and wonderfully made, Mike is cherished, Joe is important enough that I died for him."

It was "signed" from Jesus Christ and included the hashtag #Jesus2020.

She also added: "Such a good reminder for us all and a heart check for me."

Jed Duggar, 21, is currently running for Arkansas' house of representatives, while Jana, 30, shared a video of her younger brother James' "lawn art" supporting Donald Trump.

James, 19, used a weed eater to cut "TRUMP 2020" into the grass in front of the Duggars' home in Tontitown, Arkansas.

Jana shared a clip of James' efforts on Instagram, but ignored the impocations of his art, writing: "James is so creative and is always surprising us with the things he comes up with!

"Check out the new yard artwork he did with just a weed eater."

But Counting On fans were less than impressed with her political views and decision to disable comments on the YouTube video.

One viewer wrote: "Of course she turned off comments because she knows people will give her s**t for posting it. Luckily the likes and dislikes are still on… so have fun!"

It's not the first time the controversial Duggars have shown their support for Trump.

Last year, Justin Duggar, 16, carved an identical "TRUMP 2020" sign onto the family yard.

The Duggar family are devout independent Christian Baptists and they alsoreportedly follow the Institute of Basic Life Principles.

The family pride themselves on their conservative outlook; the IBLP's stated purpose is to provide instruction on how to find success in life by following biblical principles.

Jill however has distanced herself from the family in reent years, and JIll and husband Derick confirmed earlier in 2020 they had left the IBLP.

Derick has also claimed on social media that patriarch Jim Bob withheld money for the adult children’s appearances on Counting On, and he also claimed he and Jill are not allowed on the Duggar family compound unless Jim Bob is home.

Jill has also broken strict rules, including enrolling her oldest son in public school, piercing her nose and wearing jeans.

She has also confirmed that she drinks alohol.

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