Jill Duggar's husband Derick Dillard likes tweet saying 'it's messed up' that Josh has been allowed at family home

DERICK Dillard and his wife Jill have been very vocal since Josh Duggar's arrest, as they've taken to social media to make their opinions known.

The Counting On stars previously suggested that family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar has been "financially and emotionally" abusing his 19 children.

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Derick, 32, recently took to Twitter to "like" a slew of comments about his brother-in-law Josh's arrest.

In a heated discussion on the platform, one fan wrote: "I’m concerned for every minor child on the property.

"I don’t think for a minute Josh molested each sister one time only. I think Jim bob knew it was going on and covered for Josh. Why?"

The account owner went on to add: "@joshduggar is allowed at the family home, @jillmdillard isn’t. That’s messed up."

Derick clearly agreed with the sentiment, as he chose to "like" the tweet.

This isn't the first public stance the father of two has taken, as earlier this week he liked another tweet claiming that Jim Bob "financially and emotionally abuses" his kids.

The tweet itself was bashing IBLP [Institute in Basic Life Principles], the religious values that the Duggars follow.

The post read: "IBLP/ATI is a literal cult of Bill Gothard. He has denied the allegations.

"It teaches his perverse version of Christianity that encourages submission and victimization. Fertility is placed above individuality or personhood.

"Jim Bob keeps the children compliant thru financial/emotional abuse."

Derick once again "liked" the tweet in agreement, as he and his wife Jill follow a much less strict religious lifestyle.

The couple quit the TLC show Counting On in 2017, two years after it was revealed that Josh molested five underage girls including Jill.

The pair have since been very vocal about the ultra-conservative family, leading them to be banned from the Duggar compound.

Jim Bob and Michelle's oldest son Josh Duggar was arrested last week on child porn charges.

The 33-year-old television star was granted bail, despite allegedly having 65 child porn images and one video of minors, including a toddler.

The disgraced father was released from prison on Thursday, and has been restricted to Benton, Washington and Madison counties in Arkansas.

Josh has "unlimited access" to his six children as long as his pregnant wife Anna is present, though he is not allowed near any other minors, including all of his nieces, nephews, and cousins.

A couple who has been friends with the Duggars for years has agreed to allow the troubled star to live with them for the time being.

During his detention court hearing in Arkansas on Wednesday, Homeland Security special agent Gerald Faulkner explained how the TV star used the dark web through a TOR browser to cultivate images of child rape and porn.

The agent confessed that the findings were "in the top five of the worst of the worst that I've ever had to examine".

The file allegedly contained images of children who were 18-months old, though it was not confirmed if Josh downloaded those specifically.

Also on the father's computer was a two-minute video of two underaged females and a male who performed sexual acts on the children.

Though family and friends have confirmed that Josh has a porn addiction, there is "no evidence" that Josh was the person who downloaded TOR.

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