Jon Gosselin threatens trolls who sent daughter nasty messages telling them 'don't mess with any of my kids'

JON Gosselin has ripped into trolls who sent daughter Mady nasty comments on social media – warning them to not "mess" with his children.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the dad of eight issued a stern statement to trolls, telling them to "come see me if you have something to say."

It comes after 19-year-old Mady took part in a TikTok challenge that saw her rate the mean comments she receives, including claims she is “too Asian” and “ungrateful.”

The first comment read: “It’s been so amazing to watch such an ungrateful brat grow up.”

Mady rated it a seven out of ten, suggesting it “wasn’t very nice” but was “very funny.”

Another comment read “too much Asian,” to which Mady paused and said: “Short answer, no.

“Long answer, have you considered you’re racist?”

Addressing the trolls, Jon leapt to her defense saying: "Why are you going after Mady? She can do whatever she wants.

"Why are you dragging her into something, she's just taking pictures of herself like every kid out there.

"It feels like everyone is just being horrible everywhere, you can't even walk down the street.

"Of course I've had this kind of thing for years but she didn't do anything so just leave her alone. And if you have an issue with that come see me.

"Even though I haven't talked to my daughters in years they are still my daughters and I love them."

Jon also stuck up for his daughter over the "ungrateful" and "too much Asian" comments.

"She is not spoilt, the twins were the least spoilt because they had to help out with the younger kids. They helped with everything," he said.

"And saying she is "too much Asian" what does that even mean? There's no such thing.

"The racial stuff worries me because it's not a safe world. Asians were getting beaten up because people thought the Chinese created Covid.

"Like I said come see me if you have something to say. Or give me your username and IP address.That will not be a good thing! I beg you to message me.

"Don't mess with Mady, don't mess with any of my kids."

Jon was himself the target of much hatred after his divorce from ex Kate Gosselin.

He and Kate got a divorce in 2009, after two decades of marriage, and they’ve been fighting over their eight kids ever since.

But he says he draws the line when the hatred is turned towards his children.

"People like these online trolls would never leave their sofas to actual say anything to my face," he said.

"These people have no jobs, they're sat at home eating potato chips and typing on their keyboards. If you want to be disgruntled, be disgruntled towards yourself not to my daughter.

"Leave her alone, she's just a kid in college, all of those kids have a TikTok.

"So again my message is simple. Leave my kids alone. Period. Go about your way. Or you're going to have a bigger problem."

Jon admitted that he and Mady have not been on good terms for some years – but he says he will always love her and be there for her.

"I haven't been in touch with her for years, which is sad, but that is the situation," he said.

"And I know she's grown and very capable of standing up for herself but I'll always be her dad and I'll always want to protect her. I'd love one day to be there in person to defend her.

"It's like Angelina Jolie and her dad Jon Voight – they were estranged but then they reconnected later in life and I always hope that will be my life."

Mady’s been back at her mom Kate’s house for months now, after being forced to leave her new life at Syracuse University because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kate, who was allegedly fired from TLC last year, has legal guardianship of four of their six sextuplets — Aaden, Joel, Alexis and Leah.

Jon won custody of Hannah and Collin, after Kate sent Collin to an inpatient facility.

Mady and her twin Cara are legal adults and choose to stay with Kate when they’re home from college.


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