Kardashian fans beg Kim to 'change her pose' & claim star continues to do the same 'boring' move in her photos | The Sun

KIM Kardashian has fans begging the star to change things up when it comes to her photos.

The reality star latest snap has ruffled plenty of feathers due to her pose.

The 42-year-old took to Instagram to share a new photo which has the Hulu star pressing her lips together and pouting all while throwing up a peace sign.

Kim simply captioned the post with a lips emoji, however, fans weren't exactly happy with the TV personality's usual pose.

"Can't you just take a photo with a straight face?" one annoyed user wrote in the comments section.

Another asked: "Why do you still do the duck face?" while a person chimed in, "Why do you make your face look like that?"

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The snap was re-shared on a Kardashian online thread where more of the same reactions poured in.

"I can’t take another kissy face pic, I just can’t," a fan shared.

One commented: "Boring, please change," and another claimed, "I literally unfollowed her when I saw this because I couldn’t stand the constant duck faces anymore."

The focus has been on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum face lately, with some mentioning her smile.

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In a rare unedited TikTok featuring Kim and her eldest child, North, fans were quite disturb by the star's attempt at smiling.

In the clip, the mother-daughter duo completed the newest TikTok trend as the audio edit Sin City Slowed played along with the recording.

Kim wore a black tank top with matching black leggings and unleashed a big laugh while waiting for her cue.

However, a fan screen-grabbed a frame that showed Kim chuckling from the video and posted it on an online thread.

"Kim can emote! I don't know why she insists on not smiling in photos," the user titled the thread as more quickly reacted.

"Because her face is tight even here while smiling and because she gets lines on her face and is scared to age," one critic responded.

Another said: "Her face looks so tight and uncomfortable here," while one wrote, "… It doesn't hurt. It's the contrary. Sometimes you lose sensation after surgery."

"The filler makes you self-conscious because your smile doesn’t look like your face at all, I would think," one person explained.

Earlier this year, the Skims founder claimed she's never gone under the knife.

"No filler," she told Allure, and added she's only gotten "a little bit of Botox" in her forehead.

"Never filled either one (lips or cheeks), ever," she said.


Meanwhile, Kim's sister Kylie Jenner was also put on blast for her photo pose.

Earlier this year the 25-year-old received backlash after she grabbed her boob for a photo op at the Baby2Baby Gala in New York City.

"I can’t believe Kylie had to do the boob grab in a Baby2Baby event. Why does she do this?" a fan asked at the time.

Many fans picked up on the unusual mannerism from Kylie in photos and videos from the event.

"It seems like something that’s habitual since she does it so much. But it doesn’t make it any less weird – she ruins good photo opportunities by doing this," a follower claimed.

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One said: “I feel like it’s a comfort thing or a habit at this point."

Others suggested that the pose is “her favorite thing in the world” and recalled photos from the past where she had pulled the same mannerism.

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