Kate Garraway rips into Gordon Brown over ex-PM’s attack on Boris ‘What would YOU do?’

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Kate Garraway and Ranvir Singh were joined by Gordon Brown on Good Morning Britain as they quizzed him on the Government and Manchester’s deadlock over its coronavirus restriction tier. Boris Johnson has given the area a deadline of noon to agree on a financial support package before enforcing tier 3 restrictions. However, Garraway and Brown clashed over what the Prime Minister should do next in his battle to keep the virus under control.

Garraway began: “Boris Johnson, you’ve been a Prime Minister, a Prime Minister can’t publicly give in on something like this. He has to see through his position. 

“What would be the situation for Boris Johnson? What would you have done in this situation? 

“If you’re faced with such a public stand-off of the opposition party at the core of it you’d have to stick it out or would you give in?”

Brown replied: “In the end, the Prime Minister is responsible for bringing people together. 

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“He’s got to find a way to unite the country we’ve got to put these divisions aside.

“And you know if you have a lockdown or health restrictions it depends on consent.

“So you’ve got to build a consensus so people know the advice they’re being given is the advice that they want to follow.”

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