Kerry Katona says she can predict the future after taking magic mushrooms in Marbella with fiancé Ryan | The Sun

KERRY Katona has revealed she believes she can predict the future after developing a ‘third eye’ after taking magic mushrooms. 

The Atomic Kitten singer and reality star shared her own beliefs after fellow early noughties legend Craig David said on Fearne Cotton’s podcast he could ‘hear his ancestors’ and believed he had psychic abilities. 

Taking to her OK! Magazine column this week, mum-of-five Kerry said: "Craig David has revealed he’s psychic and can see things in the future and even hear his ancestors. Bloody hell, can he give me the lottery numbers?!”

"Joking aside, If Craig says he can hear his ancestors, I believe him,” she added. “I’m on a spiritual path too at the moment. I’ve been working on my third eye and I really feel there is more out there – I’m a massive believer in all of that. 

"I’ve always said I have an intuition – I’m not psychic but I can feel when something isn’t right or when something bad is about to happen.”

The star’s spiritual journey has been inspired by an experience last month where she had fiancé Ryan Mahoney tried magic mushrooms and hallucinogenics under the guidance of professionals in Spain. 

She explained: "So we actually did mushrooms. We were in Marbella with the children. The kids went out for the day and we had two professionals come over. They set it all up. 

"I cried my eyes out, Ryan was crying his eyes out – and it was just amazing.

"I can’t explain it. It’s amazing what us as humans don’t realise what we can do with our own breath. I believe the f***ing Government don’t want us to have that free conscious mind, I’m a conspiracy theories person."

She later added she “believed in a higher power” as well as “visualisation and manifestation”, and wanted to try ayahuasca, a powerful psychadelic tea used in spiritual ceremonial medicine which causes hallucinations. 

Sampling ayahuasca has become increasingly popular in the Western world over the years for those on spiritual journies, with many celebrities opening up about their experience on the drug. 

Machine Gun Kelly and fiancée Megan Fox spoke out in March this year about their experiences on ayahuasca when travelling in Costa Rica. Megan has since said that of her three-day trip, she never wanted to try it again. 

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Will Smith has also used the drug while on a retreat, and told Oprah: "It's about being able to find that contentment within yourself — not with external stimuli."

"The spiritual process is detoxing all of those things — not leaving your marriage so you can go get some chocolate cake,” he said. “No. It's no chocolate cake. It's not alcohol. It's no sexual stimulation and all of that… The spiritual process is more about detox than going to get more."

Will revealed he went on a 14-day silent retreat in Peru and using plant-based psychedelic ayahuasca more than 12 times under supervision.Lee from Blue has also credited his trips on ayahuasca for helping him keep his alcoholism under control.

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