Khloe Kardashian says she was ‘frustrated’ with Kourtney’s breastfeeding advice after struggling with baby True – The Sun

KHLOE Kardashian has confessed she "did not feel safe" while breastfeeding her daughter True and got "frustrated" with how easy sister Kourtney Kardashian had found the experience.

Khloé, 35, opened up about how she felt she "failed" as a mom when she decided to stop breastfeeding her now 22-month-old daughter.

Sitting on a sofa under a blanket with her older sister in a video for Kourtney's lifestyle brand, Poosh, Khloé revealed she had trouble nursing because of the stress she was under at the time of True's birth.

Cheating rumors surrounded her ex Tristan Thompson and she felt isolated in Cleveland where he played basketball.

“Pain wasn’t my problem,” Khloé told Kourtney. “I think parents go through pain for their kids, they don’t care. It was more I wasn’t producing milk. I was like, ‘Whatever is the best for her.’ But I understand, I was under a lot of stress, there was a lot going on in my life at the time that I think played a part in why I wasn’t producing as easily. But I don’t know. It was just a lot.”

She added: “Not having family there, you’re also just trying to figure it out like I was — I’m still just trying to figure it out for myself, 'is this right?'”

The mom-of-one told Kourtney she felt "frustrated" at the very different experience her sister had enjoyed while breastfeeding her three children, Mason, 10, Penelope, 7 and Reign, 5.

"For me, I remember I used to get almost frustrated with you—not that you even did anything—but you would just talk about this experience you had, and how beautiful [it was]," the reality said. "You would say things not at all trying to criticize me, but I would take it like, it's not that easy."

She then revealed her breasts even bled while nursing: "You were always trying to help me and give me tips, and I was like, ‘It's just not working!' I wanted to, like, strangle you. Your experience seemed so easy and it wasn't for me."

Khloé even reached out to young sister Kylie Jenner who gave birth to her daughter Stormi just months before True was born for advice.

Kylie made a decision to not breastfeed Stormi at all, but even after deciding to switch to formula Khloé still felt like a failure.

"It sucked. I hated every minute of it," she explained. "It was torture. I always felt like I was never giving True enough food. I felt like she was always hungry.

"Once I stopped, though," Khloé added, "the amount of pressure that was lifted off my shoulders and I could enjoy my daughter. I'm all for breastfeeding, I tried, but if you can't do it you don't have to feel like a failure."

Kourtney, 40, admitted breastfeeding was not always easy for her, saying: “I remember the first month being the hardest you know to really … there is pain involved with the latching. Once I figured that out then it was pretty easy, easier for me, but there was pain.
She agreed mothers face a lot of pressure, even though she "never" gave her kids formula.
"Like if I was wearing flat shoes, they would be like, ‘Now that you're a mom you can't wear heels?' And then if I'd be wearing heels, they'd be like, ‘You're gonna carry your kid wearing heels?' Literally down to the smallest details they would criticize," she said in the video.

Khloé then called for more support among moms and a "better community of women who are lifting each other up and knowing that we're all going through our own struggle."

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