Legacies season 2 Netflix release date: When will season 2 of Legacies start on Netflix?

Legacies only just released its first season onto Netflix earlier in April, but fans of The CW Vampire Diaries spin-off are wondering when season two will start on the streaming service. Legacies season two will likely air on The CW in October 2019, but the Netflix release date is unlikely to be until 2020. Netflix in the UK has not released any of Legacies yet.

When will Legacies season 2 start on Netflix?

The Legacies season two release date is likely to be April 2020 on Netflix.

The first series began on The CW in October 2018.

However, it was not released onto US Netflix until April 5 when the first season dropped in full.

If Legacies season two follows this trend, its release date is likely to be Friday, April 3, 2020 on Netflix.


Legacies season two was confirmed by The CW in January after a successful first series.

Legacies season one has not been released on Netflix in the UK yet.

The series also does not feature in the streaming service’s list of content for May, meaning we won’t see Legacies on Netflix until summer at the earliest.

Express.co.uk has reached out to Netflix to find the release date for Legacies and we will update this article when the service responds.

Though UK viewers cannot watch Legacies on Netflix yet, they can watch The Vampire Diaries and its other spin-off The Originals.


What will happen in Legacies season 2?

No official plot details have been revealed for another series of Legacies.

However, the new season will have to follow on from the shocking finale, which saw lead character Hope Mikaelson (played by Danielle Rose Russell) sacrifice herself to stop the rise of Malivore (Douglas Tait).

The characters of Legacies also found themselves having their memories wiped of Hope.

Legacies creator Julie Plec told TV Line: “Where the hell is she, and why can’t anyone remember her?

“The fact that no one can remember her probably means she’s in the blackness, which the monsters described as being this terrible place.”

When asked if this would mean Hope would come back as a vampire, she said: “We’ve realized that there are no rules just yet, we get to live them as we go along.


“If Hope dies, she presumably comes back as a vampire.

“But if the monsters didn’t die in the pit, did she? And if she comes back as a vampire, does that make her no longer a witch?

“Or is she now truly a tribrid with powers of all three creatures? Lots of questions, and lots of seasons.”

Fans will have to tune in to find out what will happen to Hope and the rest of the Legacies cast.

Legacies season 2 is coming soon to The CW and Netflix

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