Love Is Blind posts reunion pic two years on from show – and Netflix fans are convinced it confirms who’s still together – The Sun

NETFLIX's LOVE Is Blind aired its finale episode on Thursday but has now teased an upcoming reunion episode – and fans are certain it confirms who is still together.

On 5 March the hit show will return for a special one-off episode and Netflix shared a teaser picture which fans have decoded.

"The final episode of Love Is Blind premieres tomorrow! But the story doesn't end there…," read the caption, "on March 5, all your burning questions will be answered in a can’t-miss reunion special hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey".

Couples Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton both appear to still be together, as they are sat next to each other with Cameron's arm wrapped around Lauren.

Amber and Barnett also appear to both still be together, as they sit close by with Amber – rocking a new blonde do – placing her arm on Barnett's knee.

Mark and Jessica are sat on opposite sides of the room, as are Carlton and Diamond, hinting at continuing major trouble.

Kenny and Kelly are sat next to each other but with some considerable distance between them.

Giannini and Damian also appear to have remained on good terms, although its not yet clear if they have remained together.

Cameron, 28, became engaged to Lauren in the FIRST episode of the Netflix blind dating series before the two ever laid eyes on each other.

But the Georgia scientist exclusively revealed to The Sun that their relationship was not as rushed as it appeared on the show: “We were all dating between 18-20 hours a day.

“There was a system where we would rank everyone from most favorite to least favorite of the dates. Lauren and I both had each other in the first spot from the first day.

“So we did talk to each other a lot and what looks like a few minutes was really days and many hours of those days.”

As the only bi-racial couple on the show, their storyline has heavily focused on their ethnicities which Cameron said is the “biggest misconception” about their relationship: "It was a small but important amount of time. We’re more complex people than that."

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