Love Island fans convinced Shaughna is hinting that she and Callum had secret sex in the villa – The Sun

LOVE Island fans are convinced that Shaughna Phillips has been hinting that she had secret sex with Callum Jones in the villa.

The popular Islander was originally coupled up with the scaffolder before he dumped her for Molly in Casa Amor – and she has now suggested they were closer than we think.

During a group chat with some of her other castmates for Heat magazine,  they were quizzed about who had sex in the villa.

While all of the others acted very coy, Shaughna was quick to tease that more went on.

She said:  “Are you all saying no? I am not saying nothing. None of you should walk into church or you’ll burst into flames!”

Those watching at home were convinced she was trying to say something and went online to comment on it.

One person wrote:  “Did anyone else get the impression that Shaugna was trying to hint that her & Callum had sex in the villa? When he was there with Molly. She kept saying everyone was lying about not doing stuff. That everyone had. Meaning her too & it was obviously with Callum.”

Another replied:  “I thought that too. Honestly, that made me super uncomfortable I don’t know why she would even allude to that with molly there.”

While someone else added: “She hinted at it in the villa too. Everyone was asking who had done anything and she smirked and they asked if she had and she said she did.”

During the series viewers were shocked when Callum claimed he wasn’t sexually attracted to Shaughna as he set his sights on Molly.

When Molly returned to the villa with Callum, a devastated Shaughna famously said "congrats hun", which has now become the star's catchphrase.

Shortly afterwards she lost her place in the villa while Callum and Molly went from strength to strength, but just missed out on a place in the final.

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