Love Island Kaz and Toby to split as body language expert notices differences

Love Island 2021 started with a bang on Monday night, with the first five couples making themselves known in the Majorcan villa.

Those first established were Kaz and Toby, Liberty and Jake, Faye and Brad, Sharon and Hugo, and Shannon and Aaron.

And now a body language expert has revealed which couples she expects can play the long game, and which are set to fall at the first hurdle.

It comes as both Hugo and Toby were left humiliated when none of the girls stepped forward for them in the initial line-up.

And Aaron opted for Shannon despite both Kaz and Faye stepping forward for him – leaving some incredibly awkward moments to crop up between the pair as they got to know each other better.

There has already been a bombshell thrown into the works with the late arrival of Chloe Burrows, who left Toby a voice note instructing one of the boys to come and take her on a date – leaving one of the girls alone.

We're set to find out which boy chooses her on Tuesday night.

But for now, here's how the other couples are faring – and it's not looking good for some, according to mystic and body language expert Inbaal Honigman.

Kaz and Toby

According to Inbaal, the cracks are already coming through for Kaz and Toby.

The pair were left to couple up after Toby was relegated to the subs' bench, and Kaz was the only girl left standing – a move which sparked criticism from various people, as they said that the show has "let down" black women once again.

But if it's not written in the stars for Kaz and Toby, that doesn't mean she won't find happiness in the villa this summer.

"Based on their body language, Kaz and Toby are not a great match," Inbaal said.

"She knows exactly where she's going in life. She will suffer no interferences nor interruptions. She wears her heart on her sleeve and doesn't accept any negativity her way," she suggested.

Toby, meanwhile, "cares what people say".

"He will take other people's advice over her word, and that is an issue, since he doesn't know exactly what he wants from life, and he doesn't have a plan," Inbaal predicted.

"They'll unearth their differences quickly enough, and move on."

Faye and Brad

Inbaal reckons Faye and Brad could be a match made in heaven – and believes they could go the distance, even in the tumultuous world of the villa.

"Those two want the same thing out of life," she commented.

"I can already see that other contestants will try to get in the way, and so Faye and Brad will have to work against the odds if they want to stick together."

It's not surprising, after three girls stepped forward for Brad – a record number in this year's series.

Faye, Shannon and Liberty all admitted to fancying a bit of the Northumbrian labourer – with Liberty even daring to step away from her own hunky match, Jake, in order to attempt to score a date with the blue-eyed boy.

Inbaal continued: "I see that Faye and Brad have shared values and shared past experiences, and I can see that they both see themselves as positive people, with a strong mindset and big, open hearts.

"I'm rooting for them!"

Sharon and Hugo

Sharon definitely wasn't keen on PE teacher Hugo when they ended up coupling up on Monday night.

Hugo was also left on the subs' bench along with Toby, and had his pick between Sharon and Kaz – eventually opting for the former.

As Sharon told Hugo about her job in the civil service, he seemed a lot more into her than she was into him – and was definitely eager to please, fetching drinks for everyone throughout the night.

"He's too shy," Sharon told the other girls as poor Hugo insisted that he was playing "the long game".

And Inbaal seems to agree that they're not set to last.

"Sharon is an enigma. It would take Hugo – and the audience – a lot longer than the length of the show to figure out what she is up to.

"She puts up an act like she's an open book, but she knows very well how to hide her true intentions," Inbaal shared.

And though she reckons the duo could make "great partners in crime", "as a couple, each of them is looking for different things."

She added: "I expect a good amount of game playing!"

Shannon and Aaron

Shannon wasn't happy with her match, Aaron, either.

She didn't step forward for him in the initial line-up, and Aaron ignored both Kaz and Faye in order to plump for the Daily Star Page 3 girl.

However, Inbaal can see them "sticking together" – just not for the reasons you might expect.

"Shannon is out of her comfort zone, and Aaron is too, a little bit. I can see them sticking together, the two of them against the world, until the first moment that one of them starts to feel more comfortable," she confessed.

"Right now, they're defensive in their environment, relying on each other for a sense of stability."

And that certainly seemed true, as Shannon and Aaron both reclined on a bed together to learn a bit more about each other.

"They're staying close to one another in a needy way," Inbaal continued. "However, they're looking away, they're looking outside for new opportunities."

Inbaal vowed: "No loyalty is forged here. The fallout is near."

Liberty and Jake

Toe-sucking fan Jake Cornish immediately coupled up with Nando's waitress Liberty Poole when she was the only girl to step forward for him.

And Liberty, on her part, seems smitten with her match – though Jake has admitted his eyes are already wandering.

Inbaal reckons the lovebirds are actually "total opposites".

"Liberty pretends to put herself on full display, warts and all, but actually she's an excellent secret-keeper. She knows at every moment that her family is watching, and her friends are listening."

Whereas Jake, on the other hand…

"Jake is actually on full display – no secrets! He has no internal editor, and even though he likes her, it won't be long till he puts his foot in, and says something embarrassing."

But it's their "mentality" and overall attitude that will eventually be the couple's downfall, Inbaal suggests. "They like each other for real, but are not compatible – their mentality is totally different."


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Financial services executive Chloe was announced as the first bombshell on Monday night, leaving Toby a sultry voice note which invited the lads to come and take her on a date.

But Inbaal reckons she's playing a "clever game", and could be set to ruffle some feathers once she arrives inside the villa.

"Chloe knows what she's doing," Inbaal said. "She's in her element. She comes across comfortable and very much at home – she's been in those situations before.

"Being an 'odd' in a sea of 'evens' is not scary to her.

"Chloe is keeping her cards close to her chest, she's hiding something, and she's remembering advice she received before she went in," she continued.

"This is one clever cookie, playing a clever game."

Love Island continues on Tuesday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

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