Love Islands Jake wont win after gaslighting and manipulating in Casa Amor

Love Island star Jake Cornish has been playing a tactical game this week in the Casa Amor villa.

Having recently got in an official couple with Liberty Poole he appears to be playing the love field from the sidelines.

The villa lads entered Casa Amor on Monday where they were met by a hoard of sexy single ladies who were wanting to turn their heads to secure their place in the original villa.

Days before the boys went on their lads trip away, water engineer Jake, 24, had asked Nandos waitress Liberty, 21, to officially be his girlfriend, counting him out of the Casa Amor canoodling.

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Jake remained faithful to Liberty but in the meantime encouraged all of the other lads to betray their dating show beaus.

This has angered viewers at home with many saying he was the "mastermind" behind all of the "disrespectful" antics, by whispering in their ears to go with their gut and to think about themselves.

The Daily Star exclusively asked Psychotherapist & Mental Wellbeing Consultant Rebecca Smith from The Peachy Mind for expert knowledge to suss out Jake's brazen behaviour.

Rebecca said: "Jake can be seen using what we could consider to be a form of gaslighting to help him improve his chances of winning the competition.

"He can be seen using a subtle form of manipulation where he encourages the boys to question their thoughts and feelings about the girls they’re either coupled up with or interested in back at the villa.

"After he introduces the doubt he is then in a stronger position to introduce what he would like them to think and do without risking a huge amount of resistance.

"By influencing them in this way it becomes the accepted way of thinking and behaving within the group, and gives the boys permission to move on with the new girls without fearing judgement or disapproval from the other boys."

The mental health professional also goes on to say that his antics are due to his insecurities in his own relationship.

She added: "Behaving in this way also suggests that Jake is insecure about his relationship with Liberty and the public perception of it.

"He seems to lack the confidence that their relationship is strong and that they are both well liked by the public.

"When we’re secure and confident we don’t feel the need to manipulate others to make potentially negative choices in order to make ourselves feel better and more confident about our own situation.

"I don’t think he’ll win because I think the public has seen his game plan and will now question the genuineness of his relationship with Liberty.

"He seems to be with one of the more emotionally vulnerable girls in the villa and doesn’t seem as emotionally invested in the relationship as Liberty.

"I think the public are starting to see this and even if he moves on to another girl, I think a newer but more genuine and relatable couple will win."

Love Island will continue tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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