Mare of Easttown ending explained

AFTER seven dramatic episodes, Mare of Easttown fans finally know who was responsible for murdering Erin McMenamin.

Here’s everything you need to know about the finale – but watch out for SPOILERS.

What is Mare of Easttown about?

Detective Mare Sheehan – played by Kate Winslet – investigates the recent murder of Erin.

Mare is a local celeb thanks to her police work and high-school fame but has been struggling to solve cases of late due to personal issues.

The copper is going through a divorce, has lost a son to suicide and is in a custody battle for her grandson with her daughter-in-law.

Kate, 45, has discussed how difficult it was pulling off Mare’s deep Philadelphian accent in an interview with The Envelope podcast.

She said: "It's interesting because I realise that as I was learning the dialect it was definitely affecting the emotional register of the voice I was finding for Mare.

"Because she was born there, she was raised there, I had to do it pretty darn well"

"It was a little crazy-making, I'm not going to pretend it wasn't."

What happened at the end of Mare of Easttown?

It was believed John Ross – the father of Erin’s son DJ – had killed the murdered mother after confessing.

John is the husband of Lori – Mare's close friend – and was having an affair with Erin before her gruesome death.

But it turns out Ryan – the teenage son of John and Lori – was the actual killer, giving the show a shocking – but satisfying – twist ending.

The show ends with Mare finally dealing with the loss of her son.

Explaining the ending to Esquire, show creator Brad Ingelsby said: "I guess the real challenge was how do you make the ending emotional?

"There's going to be a procedural and you're going to arrest somebody, all of these stories have that, but it has to be incredibly emotional.

"And so our goal was to have it be emotional in a way that was also incredibly sad after you get to the reveal of Ryan.

"But then also incredibly hopeful, in that Mare is going to in some way move on with her life while also taking care of the people in the community that need her most, which in this case is Lori."

Why did Ryan kill Erin?

Ryan killed Erin because he blamed her for destroying his parents' marriage and breaking up his family.

The troubled youngster had found out about the affair and initially tried to scare Erin with a gun before the two got in a tussle and shots were fired.

Ryan called John to help deal with the body and Billy, John’s brother, did the dirty work.

John initially tried to pin the murder on Billy and Mare was going to arrest him before realising John had the affair with Erin and the motive.

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