Meri Brown Says She's Thinking About Getting a Dog, and Fan Tells Her to 'Get the Puppy and Get Rid of Kody'

Meri Brown is thinking about expanding her family. In an Instagram post, the Sister Wives star hinted that she was considering getting a dog. Fans were all about the idea, with one even saying that she should trade one member of her family for a pup. 

Meri Brown shares a photo of herself cuddling with a puppy

On Feb. 26, Meri shared a photo of herself cuddling with an adorable puppy. 

“I’m not getting a puppy, I’m not getting a puppy…..No for real I’m NOT….,” she wrote. 

This isn’t the first time that the reality TV star has talked about her love of dogs. In December 2019, there was a post of Meri and her sister with a dog. In November, she shared a photo of herself snuggling with a pup named Bodhi. And in September, she was singing the praises of her two “granddogs.” But as far as we know, she doesn’t have a dog of her own. 

Fan tells her to get a puppy and ditch Kody Brown

After she shared the cute pic of herself and the puppy, Meri’s Instagram was flooded with comments from fans urging her to take the plunge and get a dog. 

“Get the puppy!!!” one commented. 

 “I’ll stick to Mosby & Koda! 💙,” Meri replied, referring to the dogs her daughter Mariah shares with her fiancee Audrey Kriss. “But this guy and his siblings sure are adorable!”

“Lizzie’s is pet friendly!! Just in case you need another reason!! ☺️” commented the official account for Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, the B&B she owns in Utah. (Meri’s mom runs the inn on a day-to-day basis.) 

Another follower had a blunt suggestion: “Get the puppy and get rid of Kodi… you deserve so much better… your the best,” they wrote, referring to Meri’s husband Kody Brown.

Supporters want Meri to live her own life

As diehard Sister Wives fans known, Meri and Kody legally married in 1990 and eventually had a daughter. Later, Kody spiritually married three other women. In 2014, he and Meri divorced so he could legally marry his fourth wife Robyn and adopt her kids from another marriage.  

Despite their divorce, Meri is still part of the larger polygamist family. But the split, along with an online romance that turned out to be a catfishing scam, appears to have damaged her relationship with Kody. These days, it seems that Meri spends more and more time doing her own thing, like starting her B&B and running her successful LuLaRoe business, than she does with her fellow sister wives and their children. 

Many viewers of the show think Kody has treated Meri poorly, and they’re ready for her to ditch him for good. On social media, her supporters often comment about how happy they are to see Meri living her own life away from the other members of the Brown family.

“You always look so much happier living your own life than on the show,” commented one fan on a recent post. 

“The other 4 need to allow you to evolve,” wrote another. “You have done nothing wrong. ‘YOU GO GIRL!’ We as women reach an age where we want growth and change. They aren’t there yet.”

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