My 600-lb Life update: What happened to Lee and Rena?

My 600-lb Life season six featured a couple named Lee Sutton and Rena Kiser who decided to tackle their health and anger issues together.

The couple met several years ago at a weight loss clinic and quickly fell in love.

They had to leave the clinic because patients weren’t allowed to date. But they didn’t give up on their goal to become healthy.

They decided to move to Houston to seek help from Dr. Now and participate in his weight loss program to improve their obesity and also mental health.

The synopsis for an episode of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now reads: “Lee’s anger issues continue to jeopardize his relationship with Rena and threatens to derail both of the weight loss journeys.”

When the couple first appeared on the show Lee weighed in at 714 pounds and Rena weighed in at 542 pounds.

Lee Sutton’s weight loss journey

On My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now, Lee has lost a significant amount of weight and weighs in at 411 pounds.

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He is ecstatic that he is almost at 400 pounds but that was only a 14-pound weight loss in 60 days and Dr. Now is hesitant that he is going back to his old habits.

Lee wants to have skin removal surgery but needs to lose more weight before he will be healthy enough to go through with the procedure.

Another derailment in his weight loss journey is that we find out Lee’s dad has cancer and doesn’t have long to live.

Although Rena was approved for skin removal surgery she must put that on hold so they can go to Missouri to be with Lee’s father and family during that time.

Dr. Now encourages Lee to continue psychotherapy because his anger issues are still very apparent and he feels that if he doesn’t get the necessary help that Rena will need to have her own journey in order to be successful.

He even walked out on Dr. Now on his Skype call because he had been upset at his weightless journey. He apologized to Dr. Now and wants to continue in the program.

Rena Kiser’s weight loss journey

Rena initially weighed in at 542 pounds and we see that she now weighs in at just over a few pounds from her weight loss goal of 250 pounds and Dr. Now approved her for skin removal surgery.

As her skin removal surgery is on hold, she is encouraged by Lee’s family in Missouri who have praised and given compliments on how good the couple looks.

The couple expressed that they had plans to get married in the future, but according to Starcasm, they had broken up and he was in a new relationship that he shared on Facebook.

They appear to be on the right track with their weightless goals and back together in love as they both share pictures and life updates on their Facebook pages.

My 600-lb Life airs on TLC and is currently on hiatus.

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