Naga Munchetty worried after co-stars said theyd miss her in goodbye message

BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty has told how she was left worried after a weather forecaster she worked with told how she was holidaying where there was extremely windy conditions.

Naga revealed on Alan Carr's podcast Life’s A Beach she was heading off on a sailing trip and needed to know what the weather would be like.

The presenter explained that she asked her colleague weather presenter Matt Taylor what he thought the conditions would be like.

The presenter said: “I saw Matt Taylor and he was doing his weather forecast two days before I was about to go – 85 miles-per-hour winds in the Isle of Wight.”

A stunned Alan then quizzed Naga on what happened next.

She said: “I’m presenting with Charlie [Stayt] and he’s looking at me just grinning because he’d seen it.

“So I message Matt and say, ‘Is it really going to be that gusty and that windy? I’m going sailing.

“And Matt’s simple message to me was, ‘We will all miss you x.’”

Despite Matt's worrying prediction, Naga revealed everything turned out ok.

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Naga laughed as she said: “It was fine, it was an adventure!”

The presenter also recently discussed her own health issues on her radio show.

She explained she was left “screaming” during a coil fitting, as she was presenting on BBC Radio 5 Live show when discussing how women’s health and pain is treated.

She told how her screams could be heard in the waiting room and her husband tried to come and see her.

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She said: "I won't go into all the details, but my screams were so loud that my husband tried to find out what room I was in to make it stop.

"He said that those in the waiting room hearing my screams looked horrified.

"The nurse accompanying the doctor had tears in her eyes."

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