‘Nancy Drew’ Season 1 Episode 15 Preview: ‘The Terror of Horseshoe Bay’

The last episode of The CW’s Nancy Drew took place in hot spots like a gas station, a library, and The Claw’s parking lot. But even without having the gang visit more exciting stomping grounds like high-society parties and mental hospitals, the show always manages to keep things very interesting.

One of the show’s central murder mysteries seems to have been solved, leaving Nancy and company working overtime to find the other murderer — or murderers. Based on the promo, they appear to be getting closer. Here’s a breakdown of the episode preview and theories for how the story could play out in Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 15, ‘The Terror of Horseshoe Bay.’

DeadLucy’s missing bones

Lucy Sable must be the hardest working ghost in the afterlife. Lucky for horror fans, her appearances throughout the season have been nightmarish, to say the least. In the newest promo (seen below), we see Nancy haunted by visions, courtesy of Dead Lucy herself.

Lucy appears to Nancy on the hood of her car before showing the teen sleuth a vision of a parking lot covered in bones. Even more disturbing is the mouth full of teeth that Nancy spits out. Lucy isn’t exactly subtle. Based on the clues, Nancy deduces that the spirit wants her bones to be found. There’s no better reason for a road trip.

Thepromo teases viewers with a snow-covered location where said bones could beburied. The situation looks promising for Nancy and her fellow mystery-solvers,but unfortunate for the hungry seafood-lovers of Horseshoe Bay. With the team away,who is minding The Claw?

Thedetective’s missing body

Unsolved murders, sloppy arrests, and now, a missing body. Horseshoe Bay’s police department has fouled up again. In the last episode, Tiffany Hudson’s killer was revealed, and it was none other than Josh Sable — Lucy’s grieving brother.

Josh had attempted to murder Ryan Hudson by poisoning him with White Baneberry, but poor Tiffany ingested the salad that was meant for her husband. Nancy cracked the case but was almost too clever for her own good. A desperate Josh tried to shut her up permanently, and during the struggle, a stroke of bad luck led to his accidental death by electrocution.

Police detective Karen responded to the gruesome scene, and her team predictably dropped the ball. By the end of the episode, Josh’s body had gone missing. Plus, the question of how Josh acquired the rare poison in the first place remains unanswered. Could he have an accomplice who is still at large? Based on the teaser, Episode 15 will likely pick this mystery up where Nancy and crew left off.

Nancy’smissing link

Nancy’s dad, Carson, is still on the hook for Lucy’s murder — a crime he says he did not commit. With his looming court date, Nancy has been desperate to exonerate him. Up until now, she has solved numerous other mysteries, but thus far has failed to connect the dots between Lucy and her real killer. That may change soon.

In the promo, Nancy says, “I have new evidence that points to a different suspect.” Fans can only hope that Carson’s daughter has found clues pointing to the truth. If she does solve the case, it could mean freedom for her father and a peaceful hereafter for Lucy.

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